Top Public US Universities Offering Affordable Master’s Degrees -

Top Public US Universities Offering Affordable Master’s Degrees

When looking to apply to a Master’s degree in the United States, you’ll soon discover that you are in for a long search. There are hundreds of universities you can apply to, both public and private.

Public schools (also called ‘state schools’) are some of the most popular universities in the US. But, ironically, if you are an international student you are very likely to overlook public universities because they are not as well advertised as private ones.

The thing is public universities tend to have the most affordable study programmes, so you should definitely consider what they have to offer compared to private ones.

Top-ranked public schools in the US

If cheap tuition sparked some interest in public schools in the United States, you are probably wondering where to start. Well, you can start by checking out some of the best national universities in the US.  Below there’s a list of top public universities in the US. that are especially welcoming to international students like you.

These schools offer virtually every discipline and subject that you can imagine, and are the best public ones in 2021 according to US News:

Here are other public universities we recommend in the US:

Public vs. private universities

If the separation between ‘public’ and ‘private’ universities is new to you, here’s a brief comparison covering the basic aspects about them, that any international student should know.

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Public and Private universities both share the following features:

You can get an award accredited degree, from both public and private universities as long as they are recognised at state and national level

  • You can find both types of universities in higher education rankings.
  • You can enjoy an exciting student life at both types of universities.
  • You will find other international students in your school regardless if its public or private.
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What are the advantages of public universities?

Here’s what sets state universities from private ones in the US and what might turn into great reasons to go for a graduate degree at a public American school:

  • They receive funding from states governments
  • Their programmes have lower tuition fees
  • The educational curriculum is usually set by state agencies, and as a result is more standardised

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What are the advantages of private universities?

  • They receive their funds from private corporations, donors and from tuition fees.
  • The tuition fees are higher, but private American universities also offer more scholarships and grants.
  • The school curriculum is set by each university department, and as result there can be big differences from one uni to another even if the Master’s is on the same subject area.

You won't regret choosing a public American university 

As you can see, these types of universities compare well when we’re referring to overall student success and campus experience. While the public universities may not be as popular as the Ivy League and private universities, they offer a wide range of stimulating academic experiences. 

Of course, the most appealing part of these universities is that they are less expensive in average tuition cost; and, depending on the school, you can still receive scholarship funding and aid money to bring that cost down even more. So, give public universities a chance! They might be exactly the ace up your sleeve you need when considering a Master’s degree abroad in the US!

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies in the US and read this article on The Most Affordable US Universities for International Students.

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