Tuition Fees for Master's Degrees in the USA - Average Costs for Popular Subjects -

Tuition Fees for Master's Degrees in the USA - Average Costs for Popular Subjects

The USA is a dream destination for international students. Degrees offered by American universities and colleges are renowned worldwide and attract students even if the duration of the studies can be longer when compared to courses from European countries.

Graduating a Bachelor’s or Master's program in the USA is also a great advantage since many of the country’s universities are famous for the brilliant academic environment and the innovative teaching methods and tools.

Tuition fees for Master’s studies in the US

How much is a Master's degree in the USA? It depends. Tuition fees can vary depending on multiple factors, like discipline, length of study, university, city, and so on.

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Based on the programmes listed on our portal, you can see that although people generally perceive the US as an expensive study destination, there are many affordable Master’s programmes you can choose from.

  • Over 330 Masters with tuition fees between 0 – 5,000 USD/year
  • Over 1,200 Masters with tuition fees between 5,000 – 10,000 USD/year
  • Around 5,600 Masters with tuition fees between 10,000 – 20,000 USD/year
  • Around 15,400 Masters with tuition fees over 20,000 USD/year

Find out details about public universities and colleges in the US as well as more information on what are The Most Affordable US Universities for International Students.

Universities we recommend in the USA

Tuition costs listed above are based on the study programmes on You might be able to find both cheaper and more expensive degrees at these universities.

Tuition fees at top-ranked universities

Here is a list with tuition fees at top-ranked U.S. universities:

At these top American universities, some study programmes like Law, International Relations, Visual Arts, MBAs, and others can cost over 60,000 USD/year.

University campus in the USA

Online Masters from universities in the US

Here is a short selection of universities offering online Masters in the US in case you want to save up on travel and living costs and study from home:

Master's tuition fees in the US based on the study subject

1. Tuition fees for Business Masters

Some Business programmes, like MBAs, can cost over 70,000 USD/year.

2. Tuition fees for Engineering Masters

Some Engineering programmes can cost over 47,000 USD/year.

3. Tuition fees for Law Masters

Some Law programmes can cost over 50,000 USD/year.

4. Tuition fees for Medicine Masters

Some Medicine programmes can cost over 64,000 USD/year.

5. Tuition fees for Computer Science and IT Masters

Some Computer Science & IT programmes can cost over 55,000 USD/year.

6. Tuition fees for Humanities Masters

Some Humanities programmes can cost over 50,000 USD/year.

Professor talking to students during class

7. Tuition fees for Education Masters

Some Education programmes can cost over 40,000 USD/year.

8. Tuition fees for Social Sciences Masters

Some Social Sciences programmes can cost over 35,000 USD/year.

Scholarships for international students coming to the US

Many universities and colleges offer financial assistance to international students. Study fields that usually receive more generous funding include Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences.

In addition to universities, there are other commissions and organisations that offer scholarships and financial aid to international students based on different criteria, like:

  • academic achievements
  • financial need
  • extracurricular activities

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Some examples of scholarships you can apply to:

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

Check out more scholarship opportunities in the United States.

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