Where to Apply to English-Taught Masters in Germany in 2021

If you want to pursue higher education in Germany today, you don't necessarily need to speak German. Applied Sciences, as well as other academic disciplines such as Business, International relations, Engineering, or Computer Science are taught in English, both in state universities and private schools. 

There are many high-ranked German universities offering English-taught study programmes, especially at Master's and research levels. International students who attend Applied sciences and Business studies often choose private universities, as state universities have higher entry requirements and bilingual-taught degrees, mixing German courses with lectures held in English.

Private schools, on the other hand, tend to have more flexible the admission requirements, to be more internationally oriented and have more full-taught English degrees. However, they are also more expensive. 

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German universities that offer English-taught degrees

Here’s an overview of some of the German universities that have English-taught programmes. 

German public universities offer some fully English-taught degrees, but most often than not study programmes are partially taught in English and partially in German. Some options for you are:

Some private universities that offer a wide variety of programmes in English include: 

  • GISMA Business School - a business school based in Hannover and with a branch in Berlin, offering a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including MBAs.

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Entry requirements for German universities

The basic requirements for admission to the English language programs are almost the same as for the programs taught in German:

  • certificate of complete secondary education
  • good command of English / IELTS
  • resume
  • motivation letter

Some public universities can advance their own requirements, for example, completion of a general qualification testing. Sometimes, if there are fundamental differences between the education system in your country and in Germany, you might be required to undertake an additional training such as a preparatory program. Read more about application requirements for German universities.

All documents, required for submission to the German universities, as well as their translations, shall be submitted in the form of officially certified copies. Certain universities require an apostille, while others are easily satisfied with notarial certification, and still, others ask for simple copies, demanding to submit their originals upon admission.

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Tuition fees and learning German

Tuition at a state university can be free, but an overseas student should have at least 8,000 EUR on the bank account to get a visa, and to cover for other expenses including compulsory fees, termly student’s ID card fee, accommodation, textbooks fees etc.

By studying in English in Germany, you will always have an opportunity to simultaneously learn German. It will expand the circle of friends, will be required to earn some money and, especially, to obtain the visa in future. And talking about visa, don't forget to check out the German student visa requirements if you are from outside the EU/EEA: 

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