Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) is an inspiring setting for artistic learning and development – an excellent place to develop your talent and ability, deepen your understanding, and explore fresh fields of knowledge.



Royal College of Music was established in 1771. In that time it was a conservatory of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. It became an independent academy in 1971.


There are various departments of music, such as: Jazz, Classical, Folk Music, Music education etc. It has great collaboration with regional, national and international NGOs and institutions. It has student and teacher exchange programs with many European countries. The University also conducts post graduate education in music with the collaboration with Stockholm University.


At KMH research in music is conducted on both artistic and scientific basis and, in collaboration with other universities, on postgraduate (3rd cycle) level.


Library services

The KMH Library is located in House 3 (the former Stables). In the library you will find sheet music, books, periodicals, records, videos, reference works etc. The Library also has KMH’s most comprehensive archive of essays and degree theses written at KMH (but also from other music colleges in Sweden).

ICT services

As a student, you have access to many of KMH’s facilities for private practice on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays, from early morning until late evening. There are also several computer rooms with specialised music software and Internet access.

Student Life

Campus life

An entirely new campus is built for KMH in the central of Stockholm. With new facilities and new technology, KMH will attract new students, teaching resources and a new and broader audience.