Estonian Academy of Arts

The mission is to implement ideas that develop in the creative field. We believe that designers, architects and people working in other creative fields should participate in business activities, execute ideas and solve the emergent assignments with an interdisciplinary approach. We are convinced that companies are more successful when they employ design, technology, information and communications technology and entrepreneurial talent right from the start.



  • 1912 - Estonian Art Society opened graphic art courses
  • 1914 - Estonian Art Society’s Tallinn School of Arts and Crafts
  • 1917-2009 - The university is located at Tartu maantee in the former girls’ secondary school building, with editions in the 1920s amd 1970s
  • 1924 - Named State School of Arts and Crafts (Riigi Kunsttööstuskool)


Project aim is to raise bottom-up innovation capacity for the benefit of sustainable and socially responsible growth in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus, based on the experiences from know-how partners in Denmark and Netherlands.

Foundation for Society is implementing the INNOLABS project for a two years period until the August of 2016 in close collaboration with project partners Stichting NHL (Netherlands), Aalborg University (Denmark), Cyprus University of Technology and Interfusion Services Ltd. (Cyprus), Eesti Kunstiakadeemia and Stockholm Environment Institute Tallin Centre (Estonia), and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia).


The goal of career counselling is to help the students make choices and decisions related to their education and careers. Counselling helps the students to learn about knowledgeable career planning, educational opportunities, the state of the labour market, and professions. It also promotes social engagement in the society as a whole. Students are better able to analyse themselves and their opportunities; to make informed decision, as well as plan and implement their personal career plans based on the principles of lifelong learning. Choosing a speciality is not the only career-related point of departure. It is also important to like and be satisfied by the chosen field.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (7)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Social Sciences (1)


Student services

The Academy’s Student Council makes sure that the students have productive and interesting extracurricular activities.

The Council also supports the students’ participation in events outside the Academy, such as the Tallinn Student Days and the Students’ Summer Days.

Library services

The Estonian Academy of Arts has a rich academic library that is constantly expanding its collection, a newly renovated joint dormitory with the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy, and training grounds at Tamse in Muhumaa and Heimtal in Viljandimaa. Departments of the EAA regularly organise student, faculty, and departmental exhibitions in various locations in Tallinn and elsewhere.

Student Life

Campus life

The library is a specialised university library. We acquire reference books, scientific literature and textbooks. The areas of activity include art, architecture, design, media art, art history, art criticism, cultural heritage, restoration, semiotics, culture, theatre, photo and cinema art, and the history of religion.

Sports facilities

Every week, the students can go swimming at a discounted price at the Kalev Spa. Those interesting in singing can join the Academy’s chamber choir.