Riga Graduate School of Law

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) is a premier law school in the Baltic region with an international faculty and student environment. RGSL offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programmes in EU and International Law, Finance, Business and Diplomacy. Students from throughout the world are welcome to apply. All programmes are taught exclusively in English.



Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) was founded in 1998.


The two Bachelor programmes, launched in 2010, focus on Law and Business or Law and Diplomacy. The Masters programmes focus on Law and Finance, European and International Law, with specialised degrees in Public International Law and Human Rights, Transborder Commercial Law, and European Union Law and Policy. Similarly, the Doctoral programme, launched in 2013 and offered in partnership with the University of Copenhagen, covers topics in several disciplines and combines research, instruction and other practical activities towards completion of doctoral research.

Master's Programmes

Law (5)
Business & Management (1)
Social Sciences (1)


RGSL Law Library

RGSL Library has developed into one of the top legal collections in Central and Eastern Europe, widely used and appreciated by a growing number of students and professionals. The library is open to the public, thus serving RGSL, other students, professors and members of the general public interested in law.

The library collection allows access to more then 8000 recent law books, a collection of legal journals and yearbooks, as well as valuable legal databases, including Westlaw, HeinOnline, EBSCO, to name just a few. The ALISE online catalogue, listing the book collection and journal articles available at the library, is accessible both on site and by internet.

Health care guaranteed by the state of Latvia is available only to the foreigners with a permit of permanent residence in Latvia.

If you apply for a short-term visa or a long-term visa, you must submit a health insurance policy valid in the territory of Republic of Latvia and other countries, members of the Schengen Agreement. Your health insurance policy must cover health care expenses in the Republic of Latvia, including expenses of return of the policy holder to the home country in case of serious illness.

Student Life

Campus life

To study in Riga is to study in a magical place: the outrageously beautiful capital of Latvia, the focal point of the Baltic States and a place at the crossroads to the ‘new Europe’. Yet, for all its dynamic modernity, Riga is also a city with a powerful European heritage and a vibrant history. From its central position in Europe, Riga offers students a uniquely rich and exciting cultural environment and an excellent platform from which to start a global career.

Student clubs

The Student Association of the Riga Graduate School of Law (SA RGSL) is a public organisation, which operates as the students’ self-government.


RGSL is a fully accredited university institution. Two Bachelor programmes, seven Masters programmes and PhD programme have received accreditation.