Brussels School of Governance

Brussels School of Governance

The Brussels School of Governance (BSoG) is the alliance between the Institute for European Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Vesalius College. For decades, both institutions have built up strong reputations as frontrunners in education, research, and academic services on the international scene. 

Top reasons to study here

  • Personalised approach: we offer our students and researchers an interactive experience with personal guidance.
  • Career focus: our students get a real-world experience in class and are well prepared for a broad range of career options and can do internships.
  • Interdisciplinary: we have an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on some of the most urgent governance challenges confronting policy makers worldwide.



Vesalius College was created in 1986 and the IES fifteen years after that. Both being associated with Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), one of Belgium’s prime universities with a strong internationalisation focus, VeCo and the IES decided to work together more closely as of 2018. In 2021, they joined forces and launched the Brussels School of Governance in the capital of Europe. 


The Brussels School of Governance provides a unique educational experience, according to our STEP approach: our programmes are Student centered, have a solid Theoretical base, their educational Excellence is guaranteed, and they are strongly Practice oriented. It makes our School a prominent hub for the study of European and global governance, from the BA right up to the PhD level.


The BSoG’s multidisciplinary research activities focus on some of the most urgent governance challenges confronting policy makers in Europe as well as elsewhere in the world in years to come. They cover four broad policy areas: the sustainability transition; the impact of migration on European, national and regional identity; the shifts in political and military competition between the great powers and their implications for European military defence and diplomacy; and the way that new digital technologies challenge existing organisational and management habits and routines, question education and participative democracy more broadly defined. 


At the Brussels School of Governance, we want to offer our students not only valuable academic preparation, but also the opportunity to test career options, gain practical experience and build relationships with professionals and organisations in their areas of interest, before they graduate. After graduation, BSoG students typically secure positions in various public and private institutions and organisations across the globe, such as the European and international institutions, government administrations, telecom companies, financial institutions, law and accountancy firms, media companies, etc.

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Student services

Students have access to the BSoG computer lab: it is equipped with PCs and Apple computers as well as facilities for students with laptops to connect to the School’s computer network. BSoG also offers the English & Math Workspace which aims to help students on their abilites to efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas in writing, in English. The Workspace also provides tutorial sessions for math and statistics courses. The Workspace directors offer students individual help on topics such as text structure, style, clarity and grammar in a relaxed and friendly environment to develop their writing skills.

Housing services

The BSoG offers a range of housing options for students: students have access to VUB on-campus housing through the U Residence. BSoG also offers a fee-paying service for off-campus housing. For Study abroad students, they have the opportunity to stay with a local host family. This type of accommodation offers the student a unique experience that gives insight into the everyday life of Belgian families, culture, and social norms.

Library services

Students at the BSoG have access to extensive resources for research at three major libraries: the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Université Libre de Bruxelles and The Royal Library, Belgium’s national library.

ICT services

Computer and internet access is an essential part of student life. Students have access to the extensive computer resources at the Brussels School of Governance and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, including the free campuswide wireless network.

Medical services

The medical centre on the VUB campus provides medical assistance to students and staff. This includes consultation in case of illness, accidents, minor medical procedures, vaccinations, preventive care, etc.

Student Life

Campus life

The Brussels School of Governance is located at Pleinlaan 5 in the University District of Brussels and it has a vibrant student lifestyle. Our campus is easily accessible by bus, train, tram, or metro, the area has everything to meet students’ needs including affordable housing, two on-campus cafeterias, libraries, banks, shops, markets, restaurants, bars, live entertainment venues, organised athletic activities, and state-of-the-art sports facilities.

In 2020, British newspaper The Guardian put our Brussels university neigbourhood on no. 2 in the top 10 of Europe’s must-see hotspots.

Sports facilities

BSoG students have full access to the sports facilities of the VUB. The facilities include two large multipurpose sports halls, one martial arts hall, three squash courts, a swimming pool and one climbing wall. Students also have access to a state-of-the-art fitness complex. Next to its indoor facilities, the VUB Sports Department also has outdoor sports fields, including one synthetic soccer field and an athletics track and rugby pitch. A membership fee and/ or usage fee (discounted for students) applies. With numerous spacious parks and a vast forest within a stone’s throw of the city, students also have many opportunities for practicing outdoor sports.

Student clubs

The Brussels School of Governance has an elected student body that acts as the main liaison between students and the academic administration of the BSoG. This elected student body has a social function in organising welcome activities for new students, sports activities, seasonal parties, drama evenings and other social activities throughout the year.Since the autumn of 2020, we have set up a Virtual Student Community to allow for our students to build connections even in times of distance learning. Our students engage in book discussions, debating, game nights, etc.


Within the Brussels School of Governance alliance, all Institute for European Studies (IES) and Vesalius College (VeCo) programmes are accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). 

Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium


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