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Social Sciences (2)
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IIT Gandhinagar was founded in 2008 and is located in Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on the banks of river Sabarmati. IITGN is rated India’s first 5-star GRIHA LD (Green) campus for minimizing the negative impact on the environment. The campus has been declared India’s first 5-star campus for ensuring food safety and promoting healthy eating.


IT Gandhinagar offers a unique undergraduate and graduate education experience in India with unmatched innovations in curriculum. We take pride in our student-centric philosophy resulting in a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for students. The institute promotes critical thinking and an appreciation of the interdisciplinary character of knowledge, with an emphasis on the liberal arts, project oriented learning, compulsory courses in design and the life sciences, diversity and globalization.


IIT Gandhinagar encourages interdisciplinarity in its research activities. We have interdisciplinary centres where people from all disciplines work together to produce research and solve real-world problems that have a high impact on society. Our centre for biomedical engineering, for instance, is developing Automated Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Techniques where individuals from the field of robotics, medical and electronics are working together. More than 35 funding agencies have funded our research.


IIT Gandhinagar, as an institution of higher learning in science, technology and related fields, aspires to develop top notch scientists, engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the society-now and in the future. We are actively looking for faculty and staff members to join and contribute to this mission.

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Student services

Counseling @ IITGN offers the following services to the institute fraternity

  • Crisis resolution 
  • Comprehensive viva-voce for undergraduate students
  • Career counseling in conjunction with CDS
  • Services are available all year round.
  • Group counseling and therapy
  • Gender sensitivity training
  • Activities and workshops pertinent to emotional and social well-being
  • Psychometric and personality testing
  • Guiding students to suitable resources on campus pertinent to academics, extra-curriculars and social life
  • Facilitating undergraduate and postgraduate student orientation in the institution

Medical services

Qualified medical practitioners along with one physiotherapist are available at the institute to provide medical care and advice to students, staff and faculty. The Institute dispensary also has basic physiotherapy equipment and a trained assistant. Hospitalization expenses of all students are covered under a medical insurance policy.

Student Life

Campus life

IIT Gandhinagar has eight centrally air-conditioned hostels. IIT Gandhinagar believes in ownership of campus by the students, all hostels are managed by students through the hostel maintenance committee. These hostels have a number of conveniences and facilities including convenience shops and eateries, a mini library with a reading room, laundry facilities, students lounge with a snooker table music room, art room, common rooms and sports courts.

Sports facilities

IIT Gandhinagar believes in the development of a balanced personality of its students. Thus, at IITGN we actively encourage the students to participate in various sports and games, for which good facilities are made available to the students.IITGN has always been supportive of sports and fitness as it helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Students must be allowed to choose the sport of their liking and capability, and must be given an equal chance to excel in it. Keeping this in mind, ample facilities have been provided to the students for practicing and attaining professionalism in their respective games.

Student clubs

The cultural activities at IITGN are coordinated by the Cultural Council and play a crucial role in fostering creativity and confidence among students. These events are directed towards developing balanced and well-rounded individuals. Over the years, the student body has come up with a plethora of events and competitions covering a vast spectrum of activities including drama, photography, art expo and much more.

Abhinaya, the drama club at IITGN, brings together all the acting and theatre enthusiasts to experience the theatre environment from script writing to acting. Dramas depicting social issues are staged every year as a part of Independence Day and Republic day celebrations. 

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

what i liked in the university is the academic and academic atmosphere; where i benifited greatly through how to communicate and learned how to teach.as well as the international festivals that university does and also benifited from its various workshops.

IIT GN is the best institutes for everything
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

IIT GANDHINAGAR provides an frankly study environment without any restriction in the way of live, cultural activities,etc.

Student Sports
Amen abdsalam Zermane rated 3 out of 5 stars

My university in which I study contains highly qualified de trainers and high school diplomas

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


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