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Torrens University Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Torrens is a private university and is part of Laureate International Universities, the leading global network of 70 accredited universities and higher education institutions with over 1 million students worldwide. Torrens offers courses through its Vertical structure in 5 fields of study being Business, Design, Health, Hospitality and Education.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (3)



Torrens offers courses through its Vertical structure in 5 fields of study being Business, Design, Health, Hospitality and Education. Since opening, Torrens University Australia has continued to prove its reputation as an innovative and global further education provider by growing its offerings to include some of the world’s most prestigious schools.


Our research outputs aim to advance knowledge that positively contributes to social justice and wellbeing, improved health outcomes, strong governance systems, economic prosperity and international development.


Your career begins the day you set foot on campus at Torrens University Australia.

Everyone learns better through doing. Hands-on experience is worked into every course at Torrens so that you can graduate confident and already sure of your skills.

Industry placements represent a substantial opportunity for you to further develop what you have learned in the classroom by applying it in a professional workplace. Our students undertake Industry Placements with some of the most prestigious organisations in Australia and the world.

A successful Industry Placement, combined with further work experience, will make you a highly employable and highly skilled professional, ready to work in the career of your choice.

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Student services

The Torrens University Success Coaching program provides students with ongoing support, advice and encouragement throughout the duration of their course. Your dedicated Success Coach works for you to ensure you get the most out of your education. They support you by building on your own unique personal strengths and professional capabilities to work towards your career goals.

Housing services

There are a range of housing options available for students in Adelaide, including residential colleges, student apartments and private rentals. Torrens does not own or operate its own accommodation facilities. However, the Student Services Team can help you find a housing option that best suits your needs. Torrens University is also registered with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). Residential Colleges Residential Colleges provide safe, furnished, fully catered accommodation with a central focus on the student community. 

Library services

Our campus and online libraries resources provide you with access to a wide range of learning and teaching resources to enrich and build your learning and studying experience. You will have access to:

  • The Torrens on campus Learning Resource Centres
  • The Torrens online library
  • The University of Adelaide’s Barr Smith library (available to Adelaide campus-based students only)

Medical services

Torrens University Australia provides support to students who have a permanent or temporary medical condition or disability so that they can meet the inherent requirements of their program and courses while maintaining as much academic independence as possible.  

Student Life

Campus life

Whether you study on campus or online, you can access state-of-the-art Torrens campuses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. There are no more boring classrooms, instead, we have designed our learning spaces to promote collaboration and engagement, and they’re located in convenient and vibrant inner city neighbourhoods.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia