Five Branches University

Five Branches University offers ten programs related to Traditional Chinese and Integrative Medicine at its two California campuses in Santa Cruz and San Jose.

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (2)



In 1984, Five Branches University became one of the first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) colleges in the United States. Today, we are recognized as one of the nation’s top TCM schools providing the highest level of professional education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine in the U.S. and internationally.


Our graduate Doctor and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM/MTCM), and Master of Acupuncture; and postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) programs provide a strong foundation in TCM diagnosis, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, the latest TCM research, extensive clinical training and a comprehensive integrative medical education. Our Continuing Education programs offer certification in Asian Massage and Bodywork and Medical Qigong.


Clinic Research: During clinic hours, many of our students use the on-campus library computers for research. For example, a student may want to research information about his/her patient’s past medical conditions. Because the library is on-campus, research can be completed between patients or while the patient is relaxing, with needles in place, on the treatment table. A small collection is available in the clinic itself.


The university offers on-going courses in practice management and marketing to assist you in your development as a successful TCM practitioner. You can refine your presentation skills by giving TCM lectures at universities, participating in annual health fairs, and speaking at public events. Five Branches supports the alumni association and promotes the exchange of ideas to foster professional development.  Graduates are invited to share their expertise with students during on-campus lectures.

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Student services

The Student Council plays many roles, from sending representatives to the National AAAOM meetings,  to inviting eminent TCM lecturers to speak on campus. The Council, made up of representatives from each class, meets regularly with the administration, faculty and the Board, playing a vital role in enhancing the further development and growth of the university and its students.

Housing services

  • The Five Branches University’s programs are non-residential and student dormitories or other housing is not provided. There are many available housing options in the area, from rooms available in a household to 3 bedroom-plus homes. Rentals costs range from $500 to $4500 per month based on size and location.

  • Five Branches University does not provide housing search assistance to students. If you are in need of housing we recommend you arrive in Santa Cruz or San Jose six weeks before the beginning of the semester. The distance between the two campuses is 37 miles. While it is possible to commute, you may wish to find housing closer to your home campus. 

Library services

The Santa Cruz and San Jose library collections contain a broad selection of over 6,000 publications on traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and related topics. The collection includes texts and journals in Chinese and Korean. The library has a modern web-based site detailing its holdings, offering extensive guidelines for research.

ICT services

Wireless internet access is available in the library and in many other areas of the school. The library web based online catalog is available from mobile devices. Some of the databases such as PubMed also transmit to handheld devices.

Medical services

Patients await their treatments in a beautifully designed reception area, while practitioners treat over 160 patients each day in our busy health centers. With a combined 38 treatment rooms, herbal pharmacies containing over 500 medicinal products, and expert patient-care and clinical instruction, our health centers are the ideal place to gain experience in a clinical environment.

Student Life

Campus life

Our students enjoy life on campus in both Santa Cruz and San Jose, California. Both locations offer plenty of sunshine and a diverse and progressive environment in which to live. In close proximity to one another our campuses provide spacious classrooms, extensive libraries and herbal pharmacies, thriving health centers and comfortable spaces for rest, nourishment and social activities.


Five Branches University is institutionally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), which is the recognized accrediting agency for freestanding institutions and colleges of acupuncture or Oriental medicine that offer such programs.

Milpitas, California, United States


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