New England Conservatory of Music

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
The New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) in Boston, Massachusetts, is the oldest independent school of music in the United States, and it is widely recognized as one of the country's most distinguished music schools. NEC is especially known for its strings, piano, woodwinds, and brass departments, and its prestigious chamber music program.



In June 1853, Eben Tourjée, at the time a nineteen-year-old music teacher from Providence, Rhode Island, made his first attempt to found a music conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. He met with a group of Boston's most influential musical leaders to discuss a school based on the conservatories of Europe. 


NEC offers degree and diploma programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in performance and composition. At the graduate level, we also offer conducting, collaborative piano, music theory, musicology, and vocal pedagogy. 


Student services

NEC boasts a dynamic diversity among the student body, which enriches the NEC community in many wonderful ways. Students share not only their superb musical talents, but also a wide array of abilities, interests, and passions.

Housing services

Apartment searching in Boston can be challenging! The Student Activities Center has collected the information on these pages to help you find the right apartment for you. If you are new to Boston, explore different parts of the city on our Boston Neighborhoods page. Once you're ready to start your search, refer to our Apartment Searching guidelines for helpful information on what to look for.

ICT services

General guidance and support is available within the Student Computer Lab. Computer Lab student staff members are provided with formal training by ITS staff during the start of each semester, and upon request.

Medical services

Our priority is the health and wellness of our students. Our mission is to provide student centered care that optimizes student health and enhances academic achievement and performance excellence.

Student Life

Campus life

The Residence Hall is staffed by nine full-time student and paraprofessional staff members, Resident Assistants (RAs) and Graduate Assistants (GAs), along with one full-time professional staff member, the Assistant Dean of Campus Life. Our student staff members work to create a communal environment within the Residence Hall through personal interaction with their peers and by sponsoring creative programs to support the philosophy and objectives of Residence Life at New England Conservatory.

Sports facilities

If they do not have an NUID Card issued after September 1, 2015, they will need go to the Northeastern University Husky ID Office, located at 4 Speare Place (adjacent to the Marino Center on Huntington Ave) to obtain a Husky ID Card. They will use this Husky ID Card to enter the gym. The membership will be valid starting on 9/1/2016. After September 1, 2016, there will be a 1 business day turn-around to obtain the Husky card and have the card activated for gym access

Student clubs

NEC's many recognized Student Clubs & Organizations celebrate and promote the diversity of our student body.  We aim to promote friendship, dialogue, and understanding among all students. Our current Student Clubs & Organizations are listed below. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can start your own group! Stop by the Student Activities Center for information.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States