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A university is a Public Institution of Higher Education and Research (EPESR) whose fundamental mission of contributing to the development of research and to raising the scientific, cultural and professional level of the nation and individuals. As such, the University of Avignon takes on its territory a higher education public service which must be secular, independent and strive for objectivity of knowledge, respect the diversity of opinions and aim to reduce social and cultural inequalities.

Master's Programmes



From the early Middle Ages, higher education existed at Avignon. There are traces of the thirteenth century theological schools, grammatical arts, medicine, supported by the Avignon town.

The University of Avignon, founded there more than 700 years, welcomes today more than 7500 students in rooms dedicated to the Teaching and Research among the most beautiful in France.


The university community consists of many trades in charge of education, research and administration . Access to these trades responds to variable selection criteria of hierarchical levels and status. To enable you to better know your audience within our university , qualifications and responsibilities, we therefore propose to consult the description of all trades represented in our establishment .


There are fifteen laboratories in the University of Avignon.

Two Federative Structures Research created in 2011 gather around the laboratories of the University other research institutions (INRA, INRIA, CNRS, etc.) as well as clusters, professional bodies and businesses with the objective of promoting research and innovation for economic and social development. Scientific research is an essential mission of the University to which the training based. At the University of Avignon, the research activity is available in two axes of identity: Culture and Heritage and AgroSciences and Sciences . Our laboratories recognized by the Ministry as per the international scientific community, are references on the subject.


Orientation is a complex process that requires determining their interests, know the local training opportunities, regional, French or foreign, and to develop accurate representations of professional environments, trades and skills required to access, to be able to perform carrier choice for its future.So many personal reflections and specific actions which require the consultation of specialized information resources and need to be confronted with the guidance of professional knowledge to develop.The SCUIO-IP - Common University Service of Information and Orientation, Professional Integration gets you, guide you and advise on training, workforce strategies and guidance throughout life.

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Student services

International students will find help for their administrative procedures (submission of applications for residence permits, allocation and finding housing, work authorization application etc.) and practical information.

An agreement was signed with the Vaucluse Prefecture, to facilitate and accelerate the processing of applications for residence permits.The site of the OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration) provides information about your home in France. This is a general source of information for all foreigners wishing to come to France.

Housing services

Free Hosting Program : SRI offers early in the semester before classes start, a welcome program open to all students and newly arrived foreign researchers. The next host program will take place beginning in September 2016 . In exchange Students can register on their application for a stay of study. Students from outside the exchange, doctoral students and researchers must register using the registration form on line in June 2016. Participation is free.

Library services

The University Library develops and coordinates all the information resources of the University of Avignon, necessary for the entire university scientific community: students, teachers and researchers.

The Common Service Documentation (SCD) has collections on various media (paper, electronic, video) communicates to all public and enhances them with events throughout the year.

ICT services

The University of Avignon has computer rooms with free access which are generally open from 8 am 00-18 am 30.

The computer network is composed of:

  • 1500 workstations,
  • 4 km of optical fiber,
  • 100 km of cables,
  • 3000 taken
  • 29 technical rooms.

Student Life

Campus life

The University of Avignon is fortunate to be located in a historic, cultural and economic environment of the most favored. Whether we speak of the city of Avignon , the department of Vaucluse or Region this environment is for the students and staff of the University more than a decoration: a framework conducive to life and discoveries, meetings, projects, short for personal and professional development.

The University campus Avignon covers the entire city. The extramural with Agroparc and Chabran sites inside walls with the site Sainte Marthe and the Faculty of Science is on this large space that the student and academic life blossomed.

Sports facilities

The University has a Department of Sports and Physical Activities (SUAPS). This offers weekly lessons in multiple physical, sports and expression (team sports, swimming, dancing , tennis, etc.) regularly throughout the year, in the new sports division and Research on Campus Hannah Arendt and, in the sports facilities of the city.

Student Reviews

My Familial University
Provided by ESN rated 4 out of 5 stars

The university of Avignon is such a beautiful place to study with a old building of the 17th century and I'm a old stone lover. This is a small university really familial and really well located in the center of the town. It's a real pleasure to go there by bike or electrical scooter with all the facilities of access. The classes are qualitatives and really...

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Avignon Université provided an agreeable and valuable environment to study with comfortable venues and open-minded teaching. Most of the lecturers are passionate about their subjects and make you feel involved in your studies. But careful to the antisocial and procrastinator: the degree has become more project-oriented; thus, group work is essential to your success!

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

Working in group is working for me but not alone

Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France


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