IPAG Business School

IPAG Business School has the key assets to train profiles that are immediately operational and appreciated by recruiters: its partnerships with 126 universities in 36 countries, its 4 campuses in France and abroad, its unique teaching method using a skill-based approach and the individual follow-up of students.

Master's Programmes



IPAG was founded in 1965 by Jacques Rueff, who was a member of the French Academy and advisor to General de Gaulle. It prepares students for management positions in the business world. The school is characterised by its academic requirements and ongoing dialogue with actors in economic life.


IPAG trains over 2,400 students every year and offers a wide range of courses:

  • Bachelors
  • Bac +5 Master II level Business School Programme, including 9 dual diplomas and a dual competence Masters II manager-engineer course with the Politecnico of Turin
  • MBA
  • And, since the 2013 session, IPAG Business Education, a further training programme, which allows executives to develop their expertise.


Our research activity is structured into two major areas: functioning of markets and financial strategies, and new perspectives in resources and knowledge management. Their innovative theoretical and applied research skills enable Ipag Lab members to stay at the forefront of business and management education, as well as professional and industry expertise.


IPAG students demonstrate the quality of the school’s training provision:

  • 85% of young graduates find a job in less than 3 months;
  • 54% of Ipag students start their professional career in large groups;
  • The average gross wage of an Ipag BS young graduate is EUR 34K;
  • During the first 4 years of their careers, the gross wage of graduates increases by an average of 40%.

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Student services

Ipag AE’s objectives

  • Make the most of a reliable and effective network of former students
  • Promote Ipag education
  • Defend and develop Ipag’s image and reputation among businesses and the public
  • Offer professional help and advice to Ipag students
  • Maintain a permanent relationship with graduates by meeting them frequently

Housing services

IPAG Business School has a private accommodation website accessible only to IPAG students. This free tool enables IPAG students to place an ad and/or search for accommodation listings (rentals, sublets, flatshares, homestays) in France or abroad.

Library services

Each Ipag campus has a library and once registered, all students become library members.

The libraries provide access to a variety of newspapers, books, and electronic sources. You will also be able to access online databases, connect to the Internet and use the CD-ROMs available.

ICT services

  • The campus is equipped with broadband WiFi.
  • Students have free access to sixty computers.

Student Life

Campus life

Ipag BS has 4 campuses, including 2 abroad. They offer students the benefit of modern facilities close to main urban centres, as well as a dynamic community life.

  • Paris and Nice: City-centre campuses
  • IPAG Riverside
  • IPAG Kunming

The Paris and Nice campuses have a complete set of human-sized facilities. They are both located in their city centres. Their IT and documentary resources allow students to study at Ipag BS in optimal conditions.

Student clubs

The student union is an organization run by students to protect their own interests and represent the student body. The Union gives you the chance to take part and join groups offering entertainment activities, ski week-ends, parties, sports and travel opportunities and many more.