Milano Fashion Institute is a interuniversity consortium for the higher education in the fashion industry founded in 2007 by three Milan universities: Bocconi University, Catholic University and Polytechnic of Milan, whose goal is the creation of a multi-disciplinary training center of excellence at an international level.

Top reasons to study here

  • Attending a master of MFI provides a unique opportunity to spend a whole year in Milan, one of the major world fashion capitals.
  • The didactical activity of Milano Fashion Institute, on the other hand, sets out to provide students with the specialist interdisciplinary skills they need.
  • Milano Fashion Institute is active in supporting the industry through various activities, including: field integrated projects and ad hoc training projects.



The Inter-University Consortium Milano Fashion Institute was founded in 2007, after a ‘gestation’ period lasting several years for the development of the training and research project. The governance of the Consortium is entrusted to the Scientific Board and the Executive Board.


Usually, programs in the fashion industry involve only one or two of these disciplines and therefore have difficulty introducing students to the huge range of issues raised by the creative, production and communication processes involved in fashion businesses.

The education provided by Milano Fashion Institute is based on the competence and experience of three of the most important Italian universities, which are also recognized as international centres of excellence, proposing an unprecedented integration of skills in the framework of Design, Management and Communication.

Programs proposed have been set up through a process of interaction and dialogue with the companies of the fashion system.


The cultural and scientific aim of educating new professional profiles has permitted, since the foundation of Milano Fashion Institute, a close proximity of the actors involved in the educational process, to the business system, at an Italian and international levels, thus stimulating a conscious sensitivity towards changes in the industry, and towards innovation processes

Milano Fashion Institute is active in supporting the industry through various activities, including:

  • The Field Integrated Projects
  • Ad hoc training projects and research


Housing services

After having successfully passed the selection process, Milano Fashion Institute can advise students and provide information on accommodation during your time in Milan. 


All the Milano Fashion Institute's Masters are first level University Masters, accredited by the Politecnico of Milan, School of Design.