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University of Catania

4.1 out of 5 (54 ratings / 33 reviews) Catania, Italy
There are about 45,000 students enrolled at the University of Catania, the oldest of Sicily, its foundation dates back to 1434. The organization of the teaching is handled today by 17 departments, by the Faculty of Medicine, and by two special didactic units established in the decentralized offices of Ragusa (Modern Languages) and Syracuse (Architecture).



The foundation of the University of Catania, the oldest in Sicily, dates back to 1434, when the king of Spain, Alfonso of Aragon (who was also King Alfonso I of Sicily) authorised the establishment of a Studium generale with the privilege of issuing legally valid academic titles - baccellierati, licenses and degrees.


The University of Catania has now 18 Departments and 2 Didactic Units that, additionally to the traditional assignments of scientific research, are in charge of the organization and management of educational activities.


The main goal of the University of Catania is the development of scientific research and the consolidation of competitive positions within national and international scientific fields. Moreover, great attention is paid to the promotion of financing programmes, the improvement of its “excellence points” in various scientific areas, and the qualification of research training, through a stronger international partnership.


The Career Guidance and Education Centre of the University of Catania was established in 1995. Since then the activity and the projects of the centre have constantly been increasing and our management has developed in order to satisfy the strong demand in education and training both from the academic world and professional environments. The “Decreto Direttoriale” dated 10th August 2007 no.7360 has defined the activities and the tasks of our structures:...

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Housing services

Accommodation and meals, as well as some other facilities (subsidies and grants) are provided by "Ersu" (Ente regionale per il diritto allo studio universitario). It works in a similar way to a Student’s Union.

It grants two different types of interventions and services: services and facilities to all students (information, refectories, meetings, cineforums and multimedial services, cultural, touristic and cinema services) and services and facilities to students endowed with particular merits and qualifications (scholarships, accomodation, economic aids for international mobility, computer courses, foreign languages courses, Italian language courses for foreign students).

Library services

The Library and Documentation Centre was created in 1992 to coordinate and develop the activities of the University Library System and aims at restoring and exploiting the historical, scientific and documentary heritage of the University of Catania. It is the starting point for the institution of an integrated network between all libraries of the University of Catania.

Student Life

Sports facilities

CUS is a national association which has been operating for the last sixty years. Its main aim is to sustain the practising, promotion and subsequent growth of physical education and university sports activity, by organizing sporting events at local, national and international level in which the university student body is, naturally, the protagonist.

Student Reviews

Theoretically good
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Some professors were really open and helpful, encouraging when you were feeling down about exams or even something else. Most of all I have loved a yearly sport competition between the departments, I really think it helps students relief a bit from the university sense of duty and stress and link to each other so that you can more easily find help and advice in...

University of Catania
Anonymous rated 2 out of 5 stars

I have been studying in Catania for my entire life and, even though you might enjoy the night life or the cost of living, I would say University of Catania needs some improvements in areas such as courses held in English, international opening, use of multimedia devices etc. Some professors are great and you will have a nice time attending their courses, unfortunately the...

Well but not completely well
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

There are not many teachers with a valid deep and serious knowledge, but those little people are The best teachers I ever known Burocratics and office are not enough efficient

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