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Master's degrees in Automotive Engineering in Europe

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Students frequently ask

  • Can I get a Master's degree in Automotive Engineering online?
    Yes, you can. There are 21 online Master’s in Automotive Engineering, representing 12% of the country’s programmes listed on Mastersportal.

  • What can you do with a Master's in Automotive Engineering?

    A Master's in Automotive Engineering opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the automotive industry, including roles in vehicle design, research and development, manufacturing, testing, and more:

    • Vehicle design and development roles: Automotive Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Powertrain Engineer, Automotive Safety Specialist, Electric Vehicle Engineer, Autonomous Vehicle Engineer, Aerodynamics Engineer;
    • Manufacturing and testing roles: Manufacturing Engineer, Test Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Production Manager, Materials Engineer in Automotive, Reliability Engineer, Supply Chain Manager in Automotive.

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