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Do you know why God created economists? To make weather forecasters look good. Originally, Economics meant merely “the science of wealth” and “the management of a household”; but its focus today has expanded more towards a social science that analyses the economic prosperity of a society.

A Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics teaches you about interest rates, exchange rates, economic indicators, and equity markets, allowing you to see how they all influence different industries around the world. Students develop a broad understanding of public policies and their socioeconomic impact upon legislation, taxes, services, and regulations.

Economics has two sub-disciplines:

• Microeconomics – analyses economic agents
• Macroeconomics – explores the entire economy of a society

Students who complete degrees in Economics follow career opportunities as:

• Investment analysts
• Auditors
• Economic consultants
• Financial managers

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Suggested Masters in Economics

MSc/Diploma Health Economics and Econometrics

The MSc in Health Economics and Econometrics form the University of Birmingham is ideal for new graduates hoping to pursue a career in health economics or for those currently working in the health care sector who wish to develop skills in health economics.  

United Kingdom
M.A. Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics from Central European University (CEU) provides the skills necessary for research and analyst positions at government and international agencies, banks and other private firms, and also prepares students for continuing their studies at the best Economics Ph.D. programs around the world.

M.A. Economics

Economics MA and PhD programs at Sabanci University are built on a core foundation in a design that facilitates mobility between the two programs. In their common core, these programs equip the student with a solid background in economic theory and application techniques.