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Public policy degrees deal with the network of interrelated decisions that lead to the creation of new rules, laws and regulations. Public policy makers consider objectives, means and resources they need to use in order to achieve effective and lasting social change. Proposed policies have to be authorised by legislation, so they need to take into account factors such as relevance, effectiveness, and the interaction with governmental institutions and other policies.

The difference between the study of public policy and related disciplines such as political science or economics, is that the former focuses more on applying theory to practical solutions. Public policy creates the basis of constitutions, laws and judicial decisions. The public policy discipline integrates theories and methods from economy, sociology, public management, political science and finance.

Public policy students will gather in depth information on topics such as applied econometrics and public policy, political psychology and public policy, management aspects of public policy, public budgeting, business of non-profits, and more.

Apart from communication and presentation skills, public policy degrees will equip students to methods in disputing public regulations. They will also be experts in policy analysis and implementation.

Students pursue careers in a wide range of sectors including: policy-making and governance, non-profit leadership, international development, social entrepreneurship, strategic and management consulting, public administration and defence, public affairs and communications.

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Best Universities for on MastersPortal

Universities Location TopUniversities Ranking (2018)
Cambridge, United States 1
Oxford, United Kingdom 2
London, United Kingdom 3
Berkeley, United States 4
Cambridge, United Kingdom 5
Stanford, United States 6
Cambridge, United States 7
Canberra, Australia 8
Tokyo, Japan 9
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 10
Chicago, United States 11
Singapore, Singapore 12
New York City, United States 13
Los Angeles, United States 14
Seoul, South Korea 15
Baltimore, United States 16
Melbourne, Australia 16
Toronto, Canada 18
Beijing, China 19
Syracuse, United States 20
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 21
Sydney, Australia 22
Ann Arbor, United States 23
New York City, United States 24
York, United Kingdom 24
Santiago, Chile 26
Bristol, United Kingdom 26
Seoul, South Korea 28
London, United Kingdom 28
Seoul, South Korea 30
Taipei, Taiwan 31
Amsterdam, Netherlands 32
Vancouver, Canada 32
Berlin Steglitz, Germany 34
Athens, United States 35
Washington, D. C., United States 36
Washington, D. C., United States 37
Princeton, United States 38
Bloomington, United States 39
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 40
Sydney, Australia 40
Mexico City, Mexico 42
Birmingham, United Kingdom 43
Ithaca, United States 44
Auckland, New Zealand 45
Stockholm, Sweden 46
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 47
Beijing, China 48
College Park, United States 48
Kyoto, Japan 50
Aarhus, Denmark 51
Barcelona, Spain 51
Bologna, Italy 51
Boston, United States 51
Pittsburgh, United States 51
Vienna, Austria 51
Durham, United States 51
Rotterdam, Netherlands 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Tallahassee, United States 51
Shanghai, China 51
Washington, D. C., United States 51
Southport, Australia 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Stockholm, Sweden 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Leuven, Belgium 51
Moscow, Russia 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
Singapore, Singapore 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Paris, France 51
Guangzhou, China 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Monterrey, Mexico 51
Tilburg, Netherlands 51
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia 51
Edmonton, Canada 51
Bath, United Kingdom 51
Glasgow, United Kingdom 51
Göteborg, Sweden 51
Helsinki, Finland 51
Canterbury, United Kingdom 51
Leeds, United Kingdom 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
Montréal, Canada 51
Philadelphia, United States 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Sheffield, United Kingdom 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Austin, United States 51
Bogotá, Colombia 51
Vienna, Austria 51
Coventry, United Kingdom 51
Seattle, United States 51
Madison, United States 51
Utrecht, Netherlands 51
Amsterdam, Netherlands 51
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