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Culinary arts study specific cooking methods and techniques in order to present healthy, tasty, unique and aesthetic dishes worthy of restaurant quality. The culinary arts discipline combines knowledge of business and management with skills in cooking, art and presentation. Students in culinary arts programmes will get the chance to experience working in a kitchen environment and may take part in internships with local restaurants.

Culinary arts degrees offer relevant information on: food safety, commercial food production, new world flavours, menu planning, kitchen management, vegetarian cuisine, pastries and deserts cooking.

Students will gain skills in preparing dishes using sanitary and nutritious ingredients while also paying attention to the overall design of a meal. Culinary professionals will apply sanitation principles in food preparation and will be able to prepare a variety of meal, bakery and pastries products. They will also develop abilities in planning a menu and will be prepared for the rigors of working in a commercial kitchen. Culinary artists must keep up to date with modern innovations and the latest in global cuisine.

Graduates usually engage in jobs like: restaurant manager, food and beverage controller, food writer/ critic.

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Suggested Masters in Culinary Arts

M.Sc. Ferrières

The Ferrières master programme offered by the Ferrières School seeks to develop excellent leaders and competitive executives capable of holding senior positions and of defining the future of the industry.

M.A.T. Teacher Education - Culinary Arts

Under the guidance of experienced culinary arts instructors, you’ll have the chance to manage your own culinary lab class, responding daily to students’ developmental and social needs. You’ll create and deliver lessons, learning on the job what it takes to earn the title of teacher.

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