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Media management is an area of business administration that deals with organising and supervising teams of media professionals, various mass communication channels and technologies, media and entertainment productions, and more. Media managers make use of organisation skills, marketing strategies, media economic understanding, and the knowledge of different software tools utilised in media productions.

Media colleges and business schools usually offer study programmes in media management at graduate levels, while some offer concentration tracks in media management for business administration degrees. Courses generally focus on studying general management methods, the functioning of different types of media, communication and competitive strategies, marketing models, corporate responsibility, intellectual property law, and more.

Graduates will be prepared for a range of management careers within the media sector or across similar disciplines. Professionals work in production, branding advertising, marketing and business management for radio, print, TV or new media, and media administration for commercial or non-profit organisations, to name a few. Career prospects include titles of assistant marketing manager, media planner, communication specialist, advertising manager, editor in chief, digital global development manager, social media specialist, among others.

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Suggested Masters in Media Management

Postgraduate Diploma Advertising Strategy and Planning

Advertising Strategy and Planning from Falmouth University course structure is designed to enable you to undertake a comprehensive, searching, in depth examination of advertising practice.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Television Management

The MS program in Television Management at Drexel University is a two-year full-time professional degree. The Program draws from disciplines such as:  media management, communications management, media analytics, media dynamics, media law and ethics, audience measurement, media impact, entrepreneurialism as well as leadership in media enterprises and foundational business management content.

United States
M.Sc. Media Management

Learn the skills you need to be a leader in a field you're passionate about. The New School Master of Science program in Media Management offers you the tools, professional network, and practical experience you need to succeed in today's media industries. Whether you want to advance your career or build a new enterprise, our faculty of media experts will show you how.

United States

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