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The Graduate Certificate (Grad.Cert.) is, similar to the Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) a postgraduate qualification as a follow-up after completing a Bachelor's degree. It takes usually one year of full-time study to finish and is equivalent to a Master's degree (UK) or recognised as foundation for a Master's degree.

Graduate Certificates can be followed up by an MBA programme.

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Australia is well known for its warm climate, great beaches and exceptional higher education system. It has strong influences from both Europe and Asia, and with the worlds second highest development index, it is a fantastic place to study!

282 Postgraduate Certificate Master's degrees in Australia

Postgraduate Certificate Business Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Kaplan Business School enables students to develop a firm foundation of the understanding of the context and environment of management and organisations in general and enables the students to do this within a standalone postgraduate award.

Postgraduate Certificate Accounting

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting at Kaplan Business School provides an opportunity for students who have majored in a non-accounting discipline to achieve an accounting qualification and progress into full Master of Accounting courses.

Postgraduate Certificate Education

The University offers an array of Graduate Certificates in Education that enable four-year trained teachers to develop their skills in a particular area by accessing a sequence of four units.Notre Dame offers the following Graduate Certificates in Education: Curriculum; Early Childhood Education; Leadership and Management; Special Learning Needs; Religious Education.

Postgraduate Certificate Intelligence

The Postgraduate Certificate of Intelligence prepares you for a career in intelligence. It focuses on establishing a sound theoretical foundation, developing analytical technique and setting intelligence within an appropriate ethical framework.

Postgraduate Certificate Pharmacy Practice (Internship)

The Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice (Internship) allows students to develop further knowledge and skills in a range of pharmacy practice-related areas. This is a 24 credit point course that is studied on a part-time basis.

Postgraduate Certificate Science Education

The Graduate Certificate in Science Education at University of Tasmania is a professionally-oriented program which aims to update and broaden the science content knowledge of practising science teachers in upper primary, high schools and colleges, and others involved in the field of science education.

Postgraduate Certificate Graduate Certificate in Social Research Methods

Skillful social researchers are in high demand around the world, as organisations and government alike seek an understanding of public opinion relating to current issues or proposed changes that may affect society. The course is intended for those who wish to begin further study so that they can proceed to the Graduate Diploma and Master's degree or who want a short course to advance their skills in social research.

Postgraduate Certificate Business Coaching

The Graduate Certificate in Business Coaching gives students a foundation in business coaching with the opportunity to apply coaching methodologies to business contexts and develops skills such as effective questioning, listening, goal setting and giving feedback.

Postgraduate Certificate Engineering

The Engineering programme is offered at CQUniversity Australia. If you are a three or four year qualified engineer from Australia, the Graduate Certificate in Engineering will provide you an opportunity to develop further skills and knowledge either in your current engineering discipline or in related discipline areas.

Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Epidemiology

The University of Newcastle’s Graduate Certificate in Clinical Epidemiology provides health care professionals with an introduction to clinical epidemiology. You will learn basic research skills and obtain fundamental principles of clinical epidemiology, which can be applied to your current profession.

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Postgraduate Certificate Professional Accounting

The Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting program is designed for students with a degree in a field other than accounting who wish to obtain an introduction to accounting concepts and procedures.

Postgraduate Certificate University Learning and Teaching

Entry into this course is only available through the Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours (Higher Education) E4W. The Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching is offered by University of Tasmania.

Postgraduate Certificate Professional Accounting

Learn the principles of accounting and finance or take the first step towards becoming a qualified accountant. Our Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting gives you the flexibility to choose units that are right for you. For example, if you’re just looking to add accounting skills to progress your career, learn units that interest you. If you’re hoping to apply for the CA program for Chartered Accountants Australia, you might undertake the units required for that pathway.

Postgraduate Certificate Business

The Graduate Certificate in Business offers an introduction into the world of business and helps students to expand their professional opportunities. Students can explore topics such as accounting, management, marketing and leadership.

Postgraduate Certificate Geostatistics

Provides the theory and methods for the statistics and mathematical modelling used in the analysis of data arising in the earth and environmental sciences.

Postgraduate Certificate Geographic Information Systems

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a professionally-orientated program that aims to build and extend skills in the rapidly evolving fields of GIS and related subject areas including satellite remote sensing.

Postgraduate Certificate Health Promotion

Learn how to engage individuals and communities locally and globally with the care of their health and wellbeing. Study health promotion at Deakin and you will be armed with the skills needed to work in this rapidly-growing area of the health sector.

Postgraduate Certificate Business

The Graduate Certificate in Business provides an introduction to advanced study in business operations and modern management.

Postgraduate Certificate Health Professional Education

Teaching has always been at the core of what it means to practise in the health sciences. The Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education offers knowledge and skills, in a flexible and contextualised manner, to health professionals who are also tertiary educators.

Postgraduate Certificate Educational Leadership

The certificate aims to develop your knowledge of theory and research in educational leadership and management and explore implications for practice in education. You can choose one of two specialisations available: Early Childhood or School Education.

Postgraduate Certificate Professional Political Practice

The course is a skills-based, highly targeted course designed to qualify you for professional and highly skilled work as a political advisor. You’ll be helping ministers and other political figures carry out their various political, policy and media functions.

Postgraduate Certificate Yolngu Studies

This course is particularly suitable for professionals working in policy development, health and education, including public servants, researchers and other workers not just in Yolngu communities. It also provides an invaluable insight into the complexity of Indigenous societies found elsewhere in Australia. The course includes an online component and requires access to the internet.

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Postgraduate Certificate Social Change and Development

If you a looking to pursue a career in not-for-profit or government aid contributing to social change and development or you already have the desire and passion to pursue a career in the professional service of others, then the Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to begin that journey.

Postgraduate Certificate Graduate Certificate of Advanced Engineering (GCAE) - Advanced Structural Engineering Design

The Graduate Certificate of Advanced Engineering will enable students, who hold an appropriate four year engineering qualifications or equivalent to complete a postgraduate program that will lead to an advanced theoretical and technical knowledge in an engineering discipline or engineering management and practice.

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Postgraduate Certificate Protected Area Planning

Throughout the world there are over 160,000 protected areas that are managed with the aim of ensuring the long term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.The Graduate Certificate in Protected Area Planning is offered by University of Tasmania.

Postgraduate Certificate Environmental Management and Sustainability

This programme will empower you with the knowledge to play a professional role in solving environmental problems that confront contemporary societies. The structure of our program will provide you with specialised environmental management and sustainability skills together with the ability to determine, environmental impact assessment against legislation and policy.

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Postgraduate Certificate Asset and Maintenance Management

CQUniversity Australia's Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management is innovative and practical in its approach, providing you with the ability to excel in the field of maintenance, reliability and engineering management.

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Postgraduate Certificate Agricultural Health and Medicine

This course aims to allow students an insight into the physical and mental health issues encountered by people within the agricultural industry. You will explore what influences higher rates of morbidity and mortality in rural and remote Australia, and what influences successful health policies and safety intervention programs?

Postgraduate Certificate Editing and Electronic Publishing

The Graduate Certificate of Editing and Electronic Publishing is designed for practising editors who are looking to consolidate and expand their skill set into new areas of publishing, or for students entering the award with more limited editing experience wanting to gain a qualification that will aid their employment prospects in the industry.

Postgraduate Certificate Marketing

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing at University of Tasmania provides an introduction to business and marketing for applicants with an undergraduate degree or appropriate work experience.

Postgraduate Certificate Accident Phenomenology

Completion of the Graduate Certificate in Accident Phenomenology will ensure you possess a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in the area of accident investigation and prevention that will allow you to become advanced investigation practitioners.

Postgraduate Certificate International Tourism and Hotel Management

The Graduate Certificate in International Tourism and Hotel Management covers four units of the Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management, from topics including but not limited to employee relations, event planning and management, financial analysis, gaming operations, destination marketing, and tourism and hospitality management.

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Postgraduate Certificate Business (Forensic Accounting)

The Graduate Certificate in Business (Forensic Accounting) provides students with specialised forensic accounting knowledge, investigative abilities and technical expertise, skills which are anticipated to be in strong demand across a broad range of industries including government departments, law firms, accountancy firms and a range of industries within the banking and finance sectors.

Postgraduate Certificate Museum Studies

Learn the basic skills and knowledge to kick-start your career working in a museum. Whether you want to work with objects and collections, manage a museum or heritage building, or protect and interpret significant sites, undertaking museum studies provides a pathway into this diverse and exciting sector. Today’s museums are evolving.

Postgraduate Certificate Educational Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies from the University of Newcastle is a postgraduate qualification focused on combining both theory and practice to help you apply your knowledge in modern educational environments.

Postgraduate Certificate Counselling

This course equips students with fundamental knowledge and skills in counselling, together with an understanding of the ethical, legal and professional issues in relation to the practice of counselling required for employment in a range of counselling roles. 

Postgraduate Certificate Advanced Safety Science Practice

If you have graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety or a Graduate Diploma of OHS this program is designed for you. The aim of the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Safety Science Practice at CQUniversity Australia is to provide you with an opportunity to further develop your safety science related knowledge, analysis and research skills in a way that will enable you to lead and manage specific complex safety environments

Postgraduate Certificate Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis

The Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers where specialised knowledge is required related to the integration of gender considerations into policy making, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Postgraduate Certificate Education in Educational Leadership

Provides an opportunity for motivated professionals concerned with educational practice to undertake advanced coursework in areas of study that will enable them to perform to a high standard in their chosen leadership role or context.

Postgraduate Certificate Fatigue Risk Management

The Graduate Certificate in Fatigue Risk Management at CQUniversity Australia is a postgraduate program that aims to develop a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge relating to managing the risks associated with fatigue.

Postgraduate Certificate Business (Human Resource Management)

The specialisations you can choose in the Graduate Certificate in Business offer a targeted group of units to broaden your knowledge in your selected business discipline. The Graduate Certificate in Business is an excellent re-introduction to tertiary learning and an opportunity to update skills or, as one-quarter of the Master of Business program, a pathway to higher level study.

Postgraduate Certificate Arts (Literary Studies)

The Graduate Certificate of Literary Studies is designed for people with professional and personal interests in literature and in creative writing who are seeking further professional qualifications while working.

Postgraduate Certificate Family Studies

This is a newly developed program designed for students looking to progress their career opportunities in family study fields. The program has been designed to enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge in core areas including family studies and cultural diversity, equipping you with the necessary expertise to pursue leading roles in family work based positions.

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Postgraduate Certificate Applied Linguistics

Have you studied a bachelor degree in another language, education, English, psychology or speech pathology and would now like to use these skills to expand your career into the world of linguistics? If you are truly fascinated by the English language and how it can be affected by social and cultural influences, the Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Newcastle may be for you.

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