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The Master of Research (MRes) is an advanced postgraduate research degree mainly popular in the UK. It is awarded in a specific academic discipline that can be also reflected in the full degree name (e.g. Master of Arts by Research).

Master of Research degrees are relatively new but getting increasingly popular. In contrast to other Master's programmes such as the Master of Science or Master of Arts, the Master of Research is especially focused on preparing students for doctoral research.

The programme structure is hence usually more flexible and involves a comparably large dissertation based on independent research or a practice-led research project. The Master of Research can be similar to a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and be awarded to students on the way to / instead of a Ph.D.

Studying in United Kingdom

The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

489 Master of Research Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Res. Smart Cities

The MRes in Smart Cities focuses on the core research challenges that relate to the infrastructure of smart cities from their operational functions and planning through to management and control and optimisations to explore the notion of a city as a laboratory for innovation.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Res. Synthetic Biology

UCL is recognised as one of the world's best research environments within the field of biochemical engineering and synthetic biology as well as biological and biomedical science. The Syntethic Biology programme is offered at University College London (UCL).

Department of Biochemical Engineering
M.Res. Historical Research

The MRes in Historical Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London equips students with a range of specialist and transferable research skills, as well as an understanding of theoretical approaches to history.

Institute of Historical Research
M.Res. Latin American Studies

The MRes in Latin American Studies from School of Advanced Study, University of London is a specialised degree that provides a unique opportunity for students interested in Latin American history, anthropology, geography, and culture to broaden and deepen their knowledge of Latin America and to develop an independent research project on a topic of their choice. 

Institute of Latin American Studies
M.Res. Health Research (Online)

There is an increasing need for research in the health sector, and increasingly health professionals are required to conduct research, evaluation, clinical audit and quality improvement activities as part of their practice. This Health Research (Online) course is offered by the University of Stirling.

Faculty of Health Science and Sport
M.Res. Modern Languages

The Master of Research in Modern Languages at the School of Advanced Study, University of London is offered to students who would like specific training for postgraduate research in modern languages aiming ultimately at a PhD, or who wish to take a challenging end-stopped Master’s. The core course offers a distinctive element of translation theory in addition to research skills and training.

Institute of Modern Languages Research
M.Res. Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

The MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) started in September 2011. The course is designed to reflect the latest developments in spatial data analysis and visualisation reflecting CASA's reputation in the fields of geographic, urban and architectural information systems. This innovative course provides an exciting opportunity to study at UCL with an MRes acting as a pathway to a PhD or further career in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV).

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Res. Psychology

The Psychology programme is offered by Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics. It covers: the critical appreciation of existing research and research methods in a chosen research area; designing, managing and reporting on an extended research project; and subject-specific IT skills.

Postgraduate courses
M.Res. Information Technology

The University of Exeter's Information Technology programme will give you a broad-based knowledge of the use of research methods in the social sciences, as well as core research training in social scientific philosophy and methodology within a contemporary sociology context.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.Res. Transnational Writing

The Transnational Writing program offered by Bath Spa University introduces the concept of transnational research and creativity, exploring its application as a mode of cultural production. It considers engagement with other art forms, approaches to creative writing, fieldwork and a diverse contemporary context of international creative expression as the basis of research.

College of Liberal Arts
M.Res. Anthropology

The Anthropology MRes is a taught postgraduate degree that provides high quality training in anthropology and anthropological research.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
M.Res. Politics

The University of Exeter's Politics MRes is a training programme designed to equip you with the research skills necessary to progress to a doctoral research degree, or to embark upon on a career as a political researcher. 

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.Res. Engineering

As a Masters by Research student in engineering you will be a member of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The current research activities in engineering cover a wide range of interests within civil, electronic, mechanical, manufacturing and materials engineering, as well as in engineering management. This Engineering programme is offered by The University of Exeter.  

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
M.Res. Engineering

The Master of Research (MRes) Engineering programme provides specialist study for graduates intending to work in research and development environments in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. Engineering MRes is offered at London South Bank University.

M.Res. Environmental Sustainability

This new course offers the opportunity for a select group of students to undertake postgraduate study and research focused on specific and practical areas of environmental sustainability. This Environmental Sustainability programme is offered by the University of East London.

University of East London - Graduate School
M.Res. Computer Music

The future of the music industry lies with computer technology – and what we can do with that technology. It affects how we create, perform and distribute music. Whether you’re a practising musician, a sound engineer or a professional looking to combine your background and passion for music, we’ll help you explore key concepts at the heart of music, science and technology. 

M.Res. Law

The Law programme at the University of Glasgow provides you with an excellent preparation for further research in Law, serving as a qualification in its own right and a platform for PhD study.

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Socio-Legal Studies

The Socio-Legal Studies programme at University of Glasgow offers an advanced introduction to the study of Law with a specific emphasis on socio-legal methodology. It provides you with an excellent preparation for doctoral study in the area of socio-legal research, serving as a qualification in its own right and a platform for PhD study.

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Rhetoric

Want to master the art of persuasion? If you’re also looking for a postgraduate degree course that equips you with the transferable skills of research, analysis, critical thought and communication, then this course is for you.

Department of Classics
M.Res. International Relations

We live in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world where events that unfold on other continents can affect our lives very quickly. Sometimes politicians are able to work together in a search for solutions but disagreement, and even the possibility of conflict, never seems far away.

Department of Government
M.Res. Energy Demand Studies

Graduates in energy related subjects are currently in high demand. The aim of the Master of Research in Energy Demand Studies (MRes EDS) at University College London Energy Institute is to provide a superb grounding in the required skills and knowledge to pursue a career in industry or academia. Technical work is highly topical, focusing on energy demand in the built environment, and is complemented by the development of research and transferable skills.

Postgraduate programmes
M.Res. EPSRC CDT + PhD in Graphene Technology

The aim of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology is to build a world-class cohort of young scientists who can become the next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs and technology leaders in the field of graphene technology.

M.Res. Public Policy

This MRes degree is designed to provide you with an advanced theoretical and practical understanding of policy processes and to offer a grounding in research methods up to PhD level. The programme is focused around current debates on policy-making and public management in both developed and developing countries.

Masters Programmes
M.Res. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Their Applications

This programme falls within the theme Sustainable Power Generation and Supply of the Research Councils’ Energy Programme, the first of its kind in the UK. It provides a systematic knowledge and understanding of hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications, including developments and problems at the forefront of the discipline.

School of Chemical Engineering
M.Res. Social Science Research

This programme provides practical, career-orientated training in social science research methods, including research design, data collection and data analysis relating to both qualitative and quantitative modes of inquiry.

School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
M.Res. Biomedical Research

This one-year full-time course provides a broad training to prepare students for a career in biomedical research. In addition to the main biomedical research stream, run by the Department of Surgery and Cancer, this course also offers research opportunities in specialised streams, run by various departments in the Faculty of Medicine.

M.Res. Biotechnology and Business Enterprise

Our Biotechnology and Business Enterprise MRes is a research-based course with a taught component that is equivalent to an MSc. It provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Res. History of Sport by Research

Based in London, this groundbreaking Master’s programme offers students unique access to world-class scholars, thinkers and practitioners drawn from the world of sport and its academic study. It is directed by Ed Smith, the commentator, historian of sport, and former cricketer for England, Middlesex and Kent.

School of Humanities
M.Res. Robotics

Launch yourself into the robotics research environment and develop the skills and confidence to conduct your own in-depth research project. Gain current, advanced theoretical and practical knowledge from our world-leading experts in intelligent and interactive robotics.

M.Res. Creative Practice

The School of Creative Studies and Media at Bangor University has a strong reputation for its synthesis of critical/theoretical work and practice, and this degree lies at the heart of its activity. The Creative Practice programme is offered at Bangor University.

School of Creative Studies and Media
M.Res. Byzantine Studies MRes

This programme is intended for students who have a background in Byzantine Studies and, normally, some knowledge of Greek. It comprises a major individual research project, supervised by a specialist in the field of study, and taught elements which provide the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Byzantium through a range of modules in archaeology, art, history, literature and numismatics. Explore postgraduate study at Birmingham at one of our on-campus open days. Register to attend at: If you can’t make it to one of our on-campus open days, our virtual open days run regularly throughout the year. For more information, please visit:

Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
M.Res. Criminology, Criminal Justice, Social Policy, Sociology

This is a one year programme, undertaken entirely by research on a topic proposed by the candidate and approved by the University. A supervisor will be appointed who will provide formal research supervision to the candidate for the 12 month period. The Criminology, Criminal Justice, Social Policy, Sociology programme is offered at Bangor University.

School of Social Sciences
M.Res. Social Research and Gender and Sexuality

The Master Programme in Social Research and Gender and Sexuality from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics covers ontology, epistemology, quantitative and qualitative techniques, and advanced methods masterclasses alongside substantive courses in the area of gender and sexuality. 

M.Res. Human Geography: Spaces, Politics, Ecologies

This Masters in Human Geography: Spaces, Politics & Ecologies at University of Glasgow considers how geography has been used to actively engage with the world beyond the academy, focusing on social justice and social change, environment and development, and cultural and historical geographies.

College of Science and Engineering
M.Res. Food Industry Management

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, the indisputable fact is that we all need to be regular consumers of food and drink. The food industry offers more than careers based solely on farms or in retail food outlets. It is vigorous and dynamic, with the adoption of new technology and the provision of new products satisfying ever changing consumer demands.

M.Res. Sport Business

The Sport Business MRes will develop students’ knowledge of the current research into the business of sport. Alongside the core research skills and practical experiences offered through the shared elements of the programme, students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of leadership in the context of the business of sport through taking taught modules in Leadership Models and Practices: Application to a Sport Context and Analysing and Constructing Leadership for a Sport Context.

M.Res. Sport and Exercise Science

Produce high quality original research in the areas of sport, exercise, nutritional and health sciences. This programme provides an excellent platform for progression to PhD-level study as well as other related career paths.

M.Res. Immunobiology

The Immunobiology MRes is a research-based qualification with a taught component that is of an equivalent standard to an MSc. The course provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research in academia and industry.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Res. Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)

The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control course offered by University of Strathclyde aims to provide advanced study in Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control within the European Community Directive framework. The course is largely research - and project-based. There is also a taught element to it, involving a curriculum of no fewer than 60 credits deriving from six modules taught by a group of professionally qualified staff with relevant expertise and teaching and research experience.

M.Res. Environmental and Biological Nanoscience MRes

This programme is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of nanoscience and its potential environmental and human health-related risk. It focuses on the fundamental and underpinning science but also discusses applications, synthesis and policy, and regulatory responses.

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
M.Res. Medical Imaging Sciences

The multidisciplinary Medical Imaging Sciences MRes offers you the opportunity to undertake research in an exciting and rapidly evolving field. Medical imaging is growing in importance both in patient management and clinical decision making, and also in drug development and evaluation.

Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine
M.Res. Historical Research

The history graduate programme trains students to be historians and prepares them for doctoral research. Both are achieved through the completion of independent study modules, field seminars and skills training, under close and careful supervision.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
M.Res. Agroecology

On a national and international scale there is an increasing need to reconcile the need for increased food production with the need for conservation of natural resources. There is also a need for people to understand and deal with complex land situations such as within agricultural systems.

M.Res. Ecology, Evolution and Development

The field of the Ecology, Evolution and Development course at Oxford Brookes University describes how the molecular and genetic regulation of development changes in response to evolutionary forces to generate organismal diversity. Understanding development, and its regulation in ecological and evolutionary contexts is critical for developing emerging molecular medical techniques, understanding biodiversity and tracing evolution.

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences
M.Res. Diabetes

Our Diabetes MRes is a research-based course with a taught component that is equivalent to an MSc. It provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Res. Creative Writing

The MRes in Creative Writing lets you work on a substantial piece of imaginative writing with a successful, published author for one year (full-time) or two years (part time). You can specialise in one genre, such as poetry, fiction or imaginative non-fiction.

M.Res. Experimental Neuroscience

Students will complete three projects during the year, designed to give practical experience of laboratory research, and chosen to cover a wide range of skills. Students will also be required to write three mini-dissertations on set topics covering all aspects of neuroscience.

Faculty of Medicine
M.Res. River Science

This MRes aims to provide a synthesis of scientific knowledge on river geomorphology, hydrology and ecology and focuses on the application of scientifically sound and environmentally-sensitive river management. It also seeks to provide the theoretical underpinning and field and/or laboratory training necessary to undertake a River Science research project at Masters level.

Master Programmes
M.Res. Healthcare and Design

The new MRes (Masters of Research) in Healthcare & Design is an interdisciplinary programme that draws on the complementary knowledge and expertise of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The programme will equip students from a wide range of academic and professional practice backgrounds with the tools and techniques to instigate and lead innovations in healthcare systems, services and environments.

School of Design
M.Res. Materials Research

The Research Masters (MRes) programme in Materials Research is designed following guidelines provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It provides graduates with the foundations for a research career in industry, the service sector, the public sector or academia. It serves both as a qualification in its own right for an immediate entry into a research career or as an enhanced route to a PhD through further research.

Masters Programmes
M.Res. Digital Technologies

Students who choose an MRes in Digital Technologies will receive guidance from academics leading research in the fields of data science, Internet, communications, and multimedia technologies. Academics will share their expertise on Internet and Communication Networks and Principles of Data Science, to enable students to gain specialised knowledge of these fields.

M.Res. Education

The Master of Research is a Faculty wide, cross-disciplinary research training course with an Education strand which provides high quality training to potential doctoral students as well as a standalone qualification to train social science researchers.

Department of Education
M.Res. International Development

The programme is designed for those wishing to pursue PhD research and those seeking to develop careers as policy analysts or applied researchers in international development.

Department of Economics
M.Res. History

The History MRes course incorporates taught modules that explore key subjects such as historical contexts and digital history, whilst examining the critical and theoretical practices that are fundamental to research. In addition to core modules, you are able to tailor your learning to your own areas of interest and career aspirations.

M.Res. Public Policy And Management

This Master's degree in Public Policy And Management is ideal if you are working, or seeking a career, in public policy research and implementation. The programme at Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics will give you insights into how policy choices are made, in comparison to policy developing by default

Postgraduate courses
M.Res. Sport Management

This intellectually stimulating MRes Sport Management programme allows students to develop their career in sport and health through a critical appreciation of contemporary issues and developments within the field. Through critical reflection it equips students with the skills and knowledge to plan for these changes, implement them and deal with any challenges.

M.Res. Wellbeing

Ageing, cultural and collective sources of wellbeing, children, migration, spirituality, place, health and mental health in relation to wellbeing – you have the opportunity to explore diverse topics on this course. The Wellbeing programme is offered at University of Sussex.

School of Education and Social Work
M.Res. Sport and Exercise Medicine

This intellectually stimulating MRes Sport and Exercise Medicine programme allows students to develop their career in sport and health through a critical appreciation of contemporary issues and developments within the field. Through critical reflection it equips students with the skills and knowledge to plan for these changes, implement them and deal with any challenges.

M.Res. Political Economy

Our MRes Political Economy is a two-year course, designed to give you additional training in research design and research methods compared to an MSc or MA. You study modules on political economics and research methods across your two years, while developing a 35,000-word dissertation.

Department of Government
M.Res. Linguistics

The MRes is designed for students who already have some background in linguistics and intend to progress to PhD study. It is designed as an enhanced route of entry to a PhD programme, giving you an opportunity to develop research skills early in order to be fully prepared for your doctorate.

School of Language, Literature and Communication
M.Res. Catalysis: Chemistry and Engineering

Catalysis underpins a huge range of modern chemical transformations. From the megaton scale production of acetic acid to the polymers we use for plastics to automotive catalytic converters to key steps in pharmaceutical synthesis, the impact of catalysis upon our everyday life is enormous. It has been estimated that around 90% of all chemical products produced on a commercial scale involve catalysis and that catalytic processes led to approximately £550 billion of products. It is embraced as a ‘green technology’ as it can limit waste and improve selectivity as well as provide re-use of the catalytic agent itself.

M.Res. Contemporary Literature

The MRes programme in Contemporary literature is divided into a 60 credit taught part and a Dissertation of 120 credits amounting to up to 30,000 words in total. It covers a wide range of literary topics from the Romantics to contemporary literary theory and is tailored to allow students to pursue their own particular interests.

M.Res. Social Anthropology

The MRes in Social Anthropology provides training in research methods combined with work on a specific anthropological research project. It is a one-year programme of rigorous training in research issues and methods featuring guidance in and production of a substantial research project proposal, plus 15,000-word independently researched dissertation (thesis).

M.Res. Diplomacy and International Governance

Students undertaking Masters by Research at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance will gain specialist knowledge and relevant skills for research on various aspects of the practice of diplomacy and the conduct of international relations.

M.Res. Comparative Politics (MRes, PhD)

The School has a long tradition of high-quality research among its staff and students. The School’s vibrant research culture attracts students from all over the world who conduct research at the forefront of our discipline. This Comparative Politics (MRes, PhD) programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations