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The Master of Science (M.Sc.) refers to a postgraduate academic master's degree and is nowadays awarded by most European universities as well as universities world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus.

The study duration of a Master's programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered. According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved.

A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. In order to receive a Master of Science, the completion of a scientific thesis as part of the Master studies is required in most of the cases. The Master of Science (M. Sc.) is mainly awarded to students of universities in the areas of natural sciences, humanities (i.e. social sciences), business sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and informatics.

Studying in Poland

Studying in Poland will provide a solid education which will thoroughly prepare you for work in the most advanced labour markets of the world, at the same time stimulating your own personal development. You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting outstanding specialists and renowned intellectuals in your chosen field.

149 Master of Science Master's degrees in Poland

M.Sc. Master in Finance and Accounting

The Master in Finance and Accounting program from Kozminski University is designed in close cooperation with practitioners - representatives of companies and financial institutions. It delivers in-depth specialized knowledge and develops skills of analyzing complex business problems through combining financial and accounting information with knowledge from other areas. 

M.Sc. Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing specialization at Kozminski University is the first two-year Master's program in Poland aimed at the education of well-prepared, modern marketers who understand the digital world and changes it evokes in every company or organization. 

M.Sc. Chemistry

This Chemistry programme is offered by the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan. This two-year Chemistry master studies aim at training students in areas of great relevance such as: organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, nanosciences, nanomedicine, innovative materials, medical and pharmaceutical chemistry.

M.Sc. Managerial Economics

This two-year program in economics is successfully provided by Wroclaw University for almost twenty years. The master's degree is designed for students who expect to pursue a managerial career in business in their home country or abroad. The Managerial Economics programme is offered at University of Wroclaw.

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics
M.Sc. Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy

The MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy offered by InnoEnergy Master's School gives you a systematic, in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of all stages of power system implementation and operation. It emphasises the technical, environmental, economic and regulatory issues around the transition from fossil-based power systems to renewable alternatives.

M.Sc. International Business

The International Business programme is intended for candidates interested in economic, political and social relations of the global economy, trade and business management. The International Business programme is offered at the Cracow University of Economics.

Faculty of Economics and International Relations
M.Sc. Food Technology and Human Nutrition

The Master of Science in Food Technology and Human Nutrition at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences teaches students the new trends in plant product technology, food policies and rapid methods in microbiological analysis of food. The Master’s degree focuses on food biotechnology and biochemistry, aiming to educate individuals and populations about proper healthy nutrition.

M.Sc. Wood Science

A Master’s degree in the field of Wood Science from Poznan University of Life Sciences provides graduates with in-depth and cross-disciplinary knowledge in wood engineering, furniture design and wood protection.

M.Sc. SENSE: Smart Electrical Networks and Systems

The MSc SENSE: Smart Electrical Networks and Systems programme offered by InnoEnergy Master's School gives you an in-depth understanding of existing technologies and innovative solutions needed to stimulate the transition of existing power infrastructures into smart, stable and responsive electricity grids.

M.Sc. Economics - Agribusiness

Master’s degree in the field of Economics, specialization in Agribusiness, provides graduates with in-depth knowledge and skills in micro- and macroeconomics, marketing, agri-food policy and economic law. This Economics - Agribusiness course from Poznan University of Life Sciences is dedicated to students who want to perform a managerial role in business entities and institutions.

M.Sc. Corporate Finance and Accounting

The Master of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting at Cracow University of Economics teaches students in-depth notions of finance and accounting that will be applied in monetary and financial policies, in local and household finances, as well as financial engineering and taxation. Students will also learn about credit institutions management and the consolidation of finance statements.

Faculty of Finance
M.Sc. Nanotechnology, Specialization - Nanostructures and computer simulations in material science

The Nanotechnology, Specialization - Nanostructures and computer simulations in material science program is offered at Gdansk University of Technology and is focused on the properties and design of novel nanostructured and functional materials applied in energy conversion and storage, electronics, spintronics, sensors, environmental protection, biomedicine etc.

Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Specialization - International Design Engineer

The major objective for students is to acquire theoretical knowledge in advanced topics in the area of mechanics and machine construction and operation, as well as practical expertise in the application of this knowledge. The Mechanical Engineering, Specialization - International Design Engineer is offered at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Gdansk University of Technology.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. Control Engineering and Robotics, Specialization - Automatic Control Systems

Courses in the Control Engineering and Robotics, Specialization - Automatic Control Systems programme from Gdansk University of Technology focus on the most important topics of modern control theory, such as optimal control, stochastic control, robust control,fuzzy control and adaptive control, as well as on the problems of systems identification and adaptive signal processing. 

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
M.Sc. Electronics and Telecommunications, Specialization - Radio Communication Systems and Networks

Electronics and Telecommunications, Specialization - Radio Communication Systems and Networks from Gdansk University of Technology prepares professional specialists in telecommunication systems and networks, especially cellular and trunked radio-communication, land, marine and air mobile radio-communication and more.

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
M.Sc. Green Technologies and Monitoring

Students will gain interdisciplinary knowledge covering all fields of green technology and environmental monitoring. The MSc Green Technologies and Monitoring programme is offered at the Faculty of Chemistry of Gdansk University of Technology.

Faculty of Chemistry
M.Sc. Computational Intelligence and Data Mining

On successful completion of their studies at the Department of Computer Science, graduates will be well prepared to independently solve engineering and research problems relating to hardware and software, including classifying those problems with regard to their complexity, specification and solution implementation.

M.Sc. Biotechnology

The Second Cycle Graduate of the Faculty of Biotechnology obtains a master's degree. In addition to the skills learned from the First Cycle, s/he is prepared to design biotechnological processes and conduct in order to obtain products with the desired characteristics for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and other industries.

International Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Theoretical and practical competences in Chemical Engineering, such as design, implementation and testing of production lines used in chemical industry or related industry branches. There are the following three specialties prepared within the study program: Engineering of Technological Processes, Engineering of Biotechnological Processes, and Engineering of Renewable Energy Sources. 

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Bioinformatics constitutes an interdisciplinary research area covering applications of computer science, chemistry and biochemistry to solve biological problems, usually on the molecular level. 

M.Sc. Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry at the Rzeszow University of Technology offers an opportunity to study Chemical Technology, specialization Organic and polymer technology at the MSc level.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Students, who obtained their M.Sc. diplomas at the Department, are encouraged to continue their studies as Ph.D. students.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is a scientific discipline at the intersection of chemistry and computational science involved with designing, synthesizing and developing new pharmaceutical drugs.

M.Sc. Chemical Technology

Fine chemicals (FCs) are formulations containing one or more complex chemical substances as active ingredients – serving both an immense range of a purity specification, and ability to deliver a particular effect. 

M.Sc. Forestry

Our mission is to provide modern interdisciplinary education based on sound scientific research, close collaboration with practitioners and wide international cooperation in order to prepare professionals working first of all for forestry, environment and nature protection.

Masters programmes in English
M.Sc. Theoretical Physics

The two year master studies in theoretical physics provide a high-level, internationally competitive training in theoretical physics, guiding to frontiers of modern research. The Theoretical Physics programme is offered at University of Wroclaw.

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
M.Sc. Theoretical Physics

Students select the topics of their MA thesis in the first semester of their studies. They attend seminars during which they work on their MA thesis, attend classes in MA lab and specialist lectures which are in compliance with the MA topics selected.

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
M.Sc. Power Engineering

A graduate has the knowledge and skills in designing, testing and operation of power plants using nonconventional energy sources in a wide spectrum of degree of conversion and energy storage methods.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Students are expected to have the basic chemistry skills obtained from the bachelor courses. The Master of Science program (2 years) is offered in the curriculum: Advanced Synthesis in Chemistry. The Chemistry programme is offered at University of Wroclaw.

Faculty of Chemistry
M.Sc. Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry

The Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry course at the Jagiellonian University aims at preparing students to become experts and develop international skills towards doctoral studies, and/or professional industrial careers in chemical analysis and characterization of the structure of materials.

M.Sc. Environmental Protection

The Interfaculty Study of Environmental Protection aims at providing students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary environmental knowledge presented by the best specialists from a range of scientific areas from different faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW.

Masters programmes in English
M.Sc. Global Management

Global management is a specialized 2-year (4 semesters) business program covering issues in the area of global management and business to develop a global management mindset. The program emphasizes on the application of business knowledge.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The study program is carried out by the following faculty institutes: Institute of Building Engineering, Institute of Geotech-nics and Hydrotechnics, as well as Institute of Civil Engineering.

Master programmes
M.Sc. Management

The MSC course in management with a single specialisation offered: corporate management, both as regular and extramural studies, takes 4 semesters. The course is launched if at least 25 students declare its choice. In total the regular course covers 900 hours, including at least 345 hours as a standard; the contents below. The other hours involve specialist courses.

M.Sc. International Business

The Master IB Programme combines the global perspective of international business with the up-to-date strategic thinking, which is required to develop competitive advantage and implement a new strategic design of business.

M.Sc. Performative Creativity (EMA - PS)

The founders of the Performative Creativity (EMA - PS) Programme at Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan had one specific aim: to design a unique, highly innovative and dynamic Joint European Master’s degree programme in the science of performative creativity.

International Programs
M.Sc. Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a key issue for a number of business sectors due to ongoing pressure to introduce more environmental-friendly technologies. This pressure is caused by the growing awareness of the effects of land use change and climate change. Therefore, comprehensively trained experts in the field of environmental protection are need today.

M.Sc. Chemistry

The two-year master study programme is designed for graduates of the bachelor study programmes. Students are to expand their knowledge within chemistry and the chosen major/specialization. 

M.Sc. Drug Discovery and Development

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) from Jagiellonian University is a programme focused on all aspects of identifying and introducing new medicines. Its mission is to deliver high-level specialists, equipped with a highly applied scientific basis for discovery and development of novel pharmacotherapeutics, combined with focused, real-life practical skills.