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Studying Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is by definition a general management degree designed to educate students in areas such as finances, human resources, marketing, strategy and operations management. What sets MBAs apart from regular Master programmes is the characteristic of peer-to-peer education involving successful business people and the networking among the students from diverse backgrounds.

The MBA aims at a well-rounded business graduate, and not an expert in just one single aspect. In contrast to classical Master of Science or Master of Arts programmes that are usually consecutive to an according Bachelor's programme, the MBA attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Besides, a MBA programme usually requires several years of work experience and can thus not directly started after graduating from a Bachelor's or other Master's programme.

Studying in Finland

Finland is situated in northern Europe and neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. For an international student Finland is both an exotic and a safe target country. Finnish society is credible: a networked and transparent open civic society, where education is always a top first priority.

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16 Master of Business Administration Master's degrees in Finland

M.B.A. Information Systems Management

The Degree Programme in Information Systems Management from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science provides a good opportunity to discover the latest trends in the rapidly changing ICT field and it was inspiring to explore with your peers from different companies and countries and share the experiences.

M.B.A. International Business Management

Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences educates young professionals to become successfull in managing international business. The programme is conducted in English and can be completed within 1½-2 years in Haaga-Helia  University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Finland.

M.B.A. Service Innovation and Design

Laurea University of Applied Sciences offers a cutting edge education in Service Innovation and Design - an ideal vehicle to create distinctive competences. The aim of the programme is to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge in service innovation and design through advanced studies of different service theories and their implications for service innovation and design practice.