Studying in Atlanta, United States

Study Master's Degrees in Atlanta

Georgia, United States

Atlanta at a glance

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, USA, is one of the largest cities in the country, featuring a diverse cultural environment, quality lifestyle and effectiveness in producing top study experiences to young international learners. Atlanta also has a developed business environment, offering plenty of opportunities for well-paid jobs in the career fields you may wish to pursue during or after completing your academic studies. Universities in Atlanta offer support to foreigners from all over the world, helping them receive some of the best education abroad. 


Studying in Atlanta

Due to developing businesses and technological potential, the Atlanta job market is in need science, technology, engineering, mathematics, as well as management graduates. Local universities and colleges focus on answering these market needs by providing competitive study programmes in these fields.

Local higher education institutions offer good study options in the fields of economics, business administration, arts, science, technology, engineering, medical studies and others to produce highly qualified individuals. Local business school offer good MBAs for capable future entrepreneurs.

Universities offer plenty of study opportunities at Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree level, with market-relevant specialisations. Other university and college study options include short courses on specific subjects, graduate diplomas as well as online degree studies (remote higher education), including or excluding on-campus periodic visits, depending on your particular education needs.

Language schools in the city make sure international students get the language skills they need to follow English-taught academic courses.


Career opportunities in Atlanta

Reputed companies have offices in Atlanta, such as Kimberly, Principle, TopGolf, Porsche, Habitat for Humanity, CNN, Mercedes-Benz, Foster, BMW, Invesco, Philips and many more. Some of them even offer internships in the field of engineering, management and information technology and usually hire graduate students based on their performance and expertise. Atlanta may be considered a top business city, harboring headquarters of world leading corporations including Turner Broadcastings, Coca Cola, UPS Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and AT & T Mobility.

Atlanta’s business culture and innovative leadership has proved to be a great place for creating successful technological and business initiatives.


Atlanta city life

Atlanta has a unique combination of culture that is best demonstrated by venues like the High Museum of Arts, the multi-cultural dining choices and the bohemian stores of Little Five Points. Atlanta has a variety of historical attractions and museums, including the Martin Luther King Museum, National Historic Site or the Atlanta History Center.

Atlanta also has many music venues, theatre, art galleries, clubs, parks, and much more. Atlanta also hosts weekly festivals in the weekends to celebrate the city’s historic values, diverse backgrounds and cuisine. These festivals help foreigners understand local traditions and facts about the city. Hiking in the mountains, or visiting the lakes and campsites around the city of Atlanta are other attractive activities for students who want to take a break from the busy city life. Everything is available just an hour’s drive and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport may grant you easy access to the whole world!

International atmosphere in Atlanta

Citizens living in Atlanta are friendly and open heartedly welcome foreigners to enjoy different amenities offered by the city. When it comes to the internationality towards students, locals are helpful and willing to integrate them in various communities, to help them feel like home.

According to statistics, universities in Atlanta educate over 16,000 foreign students per academic year. Statistics show that Atlanta is among the top U.S. metropolitan destinations for students coming from Seoul.

As is common for any large city in the United States, foreigners from all over the world have emigrated or study in Atlanta, from countries such as Mexico, China, Iran, Greece, Australia, Nigeria, and many more.

Weather Atlanta

Atlanta summers are hot and humid, with temperatures somewhat moderated, averaging 80.2 °F (26.8 °C). Winters are cool, with temperatures dropping to 0 °F (-17.8 °C) on rare occasions.


Accommodation costs in Atlanta

Here are some accommodation options students should consider:

1. University accommodation depends on specific university rates, but is usually much cheaper than renting a private apartment (may be as low as 500 USD per month);

2. A two-bedroom rented apartment costs around 950 USD per month;

3. A house with 2-3 bedrooms that you could share with other students can amount to 1,200 USD per month;

4. Smaller rentable apartments cost in good areas in the city cost up to 750 USD per month.

Living costs in Atlanta

Overall, you may have to spend an average of 800 USD per month on living costs, in addition to your accommodation costs.

On average, monthly expenses for utilities will amount to about 150 – 200 USD, but may be higher during the cold season. A monthly public transportation pass is under 90 USD. Meal plans for the university are very advantageous and may get you spending only 150 USD per month on food, while the alternative (groceries or eating out) will average 400 USD per month.

Universities in Atlanta

The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, is a top-ranked public college and one of the leading research universities in the USA.Georgia Tech provides a technologically focused education to more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students in fields ranging from engineering, computing, and sciences, to business, design, and liberal arts.

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Mercer University is one of America’s oldest and most distinctive institutions of higher learning, offering rigorous programs that span the undergraduate liberal arts to doctoral level degrees. Founded by early 19th century Baptists, Mercer — while no longer formally denominationally affiliated — remains committed to an educational environment that embraces the historic Baptist principles of intellectual and religious freedom, while affirming values that arise from a Judeo-Christian understanding of the world.

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MSM is among the nation’s leading educators of primary care physicians and was recently recognized as the top institution among U.S. medical schools for our social mission. Our faculty and alumni are noted in their fields for excellence in teaching, research and public policy.

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Emory University, recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools, and one of the Southeast's leading health care systems, is located on a beautiful, leafy campus in Atlanta, Georgia's historic Druid Hills suburb.

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