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5 Advantages of Studying a Master's Degree in Switzerland in 2023

What everyone knows about Switzerland is that it is a country of financial abundance, endless working opportunities, open-minded people and breathtaking snowy mountain landscapes.

Life in Switzerland is like a fast-paced fairy-tale. Apart from the fact that every corner in Switzerland is like a beautiful gemstone, the country is highly tech developed, perfectly combining traditional elements with modern features. The latest technology is present in everyday life as most people have the latest gadgets, mobiles, and tablets and stay connected to their work environment or social networks.

In Switzerland, everything’s interconnected, one’s place changes from one moment to the next while foreigners adapt to the working demands, locals continue building upon values and together shape one of the greatest countries in the world.

Here are some of the best things you can enjoy as a student in Switzerland:

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1. Swiss education is world-class

The Swiss higher education system is known as extremely rigorous and demanding. After all, the Swiss invented some cool things that have deeply made our life easier or more entertaining: the vegetable peeler, the bobsleigh, or the cellophane are just a few examples.

If you manage to be accepted by a Swiss university, you are guaranteed to get the best academic training you could ask for. In return, you’ll have to prove you are disciplined, well-prepared and keep up with the knowledge you receive from professors.

According to global rankings, these are some of the best Swiss universities:

Here are other universities we recommend in Switzerland:

2. Get lost in a wide multicultural environment

You will instantly notice the cosmopolitan environment from the moment you land in Switzerland and start walking around the streets. One minute, you can hear people taking in German, and the next minute, you’ll encounter people talking in French or Italian. No need to worry though! Everyone speaks perfect English as well.

Recent statistics indicate that about 25% of the people living in Switzerland are foreigners and the rest locals. Despite the fact that Switzerland is well known for strictly monitoring the number of work permits and the immigrant population, the people who are studying, living and working here come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds ranging from India to Mexico and from South Africa to Lebanon and Russia.

While this may sound complicated, as a foreign student, this is definitely an advantage; people are used to internationals, so you will hardly feel a stranger.

3. You can practice numerous sports

A sporty person or not, the fresh air in Switzerland is very inviting to practising some kind of sport, even if it’s simply jogging. In Switzerland, everybody is active and performs some kind of sports, from running and cycling to yachting and free fall. People here always find time for leisure and health and this mentality will definitely hook you too.

The Swiss culture puts a great focus on people’s well-being as well as exploring the natural beauties. In winter, many go skiing almost every weekend while in summer families and groups explore the endless mountain paths for hiking. A perfect weekend day would start and end with a sports activity.

In between, there is time for a relaxing lunch in the woods, a barbeque at the border of the lake or meeting friends and relatives for a brunch.

So you’re bound to stay in good health and most likely, you’ll never give up on practising sports.

student life switzerland.jpg

4. Seize the numerous social and cultural events

Switzerland actively supports the development of the people living here through numerous social programs and language activities. Every city organizes parades, carnivals, marathons, city-days, concerts, etc. and artists from all over the world are present to these celebrations. You can rest assured you can have an active social life and there is no chance to get bored.

Additionally, you should not miss out on the opportunity to visit emblematic sites like:

  • The Matterhorn pyramid-shaped mountain in Zermatt
  • Chillon Castel in Montreux
  • Swiss National Park
  • Lake Geneva
  • The Rhine Falls

Check out student life in these Swiss cities:

5. Take advantage of scholarship opportunities

The many perks of studying abroad in Switzerland comes with a disadvantage: living cost and even tuition fees are far from cheap. You’ll have to compromise as you manage your monthly budget, but you should also start looking for scholarship opportunities early on. The Swiss government and several Swiss universities also offer numerous scholarships. Some are meant to cover fees, while others will also support part of your living expenses.

Examples of scholarship providers in Switzerland:

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

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No chance of feeling like a foreigner among the Swiss

One may ask how is it to be a foreigner between Swiss people. Swiss people are all friendly and open. This feeling of cultural closeness is at its most in student dorms, where resident and exchange students come together and have cooking nights, costume parties or even ad-hoc events which connect everyone. Look for a suitable degree in Switzerland and may your unforgettable Swiss adventure begin!

Find out more about tuition fees in Switzerland and the best universities in Switzerland.

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