Tuition Fees in Norway -

Tuition Fees in Norway

Norway is mostly known for its lovely fjords and for being the legendary birthplace of trolls. However, it has become popular among international students who look for free higher education abroad.

Norway can pride itself with high quality and free-tuition universities that offer degrees at any level: Bachelor's, Master's and PhD. Students coming on an Erasmus exchange programme also benefit from free tuition and may even be eligible for financial support to pay for their living expenses.

Let's look at more detailed information about study costs, scholarships, and funding opportunities in Norway.

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1. University tuition fees in Norway

Tuition fees at public universities

In Norway, public universities are tuition-free for all international students, regardless of their nationality. However, some programmes/courses may charge fees, such as those related to Business and Management, but only in a few schools and universities. Also, remember that living costs in Norway are pretty high. 

You will only have to pay a mandatory student union fee each semester, which is between 30 – 60 EUR. In return, you receive a student card, which gives you the right to take exams. It also provides you with several benefits, such as:

  • discounts for public transportation
  • discounts at museums and cultural events
  • access to healthcare and sports facilities

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Tuition fees at private universities

Most private institutions in Norway charge the same amount of tuition fees to both Norwegian and international students. Tuition fees usually range between 7,000 – 19,000 EUR/year.

Tuition-free universities in Norway

Here are some examples of free universities in Norway:

Universities we recommend in Norway

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2. Scholarships for international students in Norway

You can find various scholarship opportunities in Norway on our portal. They are offered by universities, private organisations, NGOs, and other institutions. 

Another option is the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree (EMJMD) programme. It offers funds to students and allows them to study one degree at multiple higher education institutions. You can learn more about the EMJMD on the official Erasmus+ website.

You can also visit the Study in Norway website for some extra ideas on how to finance your studies abroad. 

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