Support Database for Students Displaced by the War in Ukraine

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Together with our partners, we are building a platform that makes access to information easier for students affected by the war in Ukraine. Countless universities, NGOs and public institutions in European countries offer their support.

Millions flee war-battered Ukraine, leaving behind empty homes. War destroyed a lot but also shattered the dreams of 1.5 million university students. The country’s vibrant international community of roughly 80.000, many students of Medicine, rushed to safety across the borders. 

Studyportals stands with Ukraine, and the world, against war. We offer our support to Ukrainian, Russian and international students that had their education compromised. Together with KidsRights, we gave them a voice in this tragedy through our #ifeelblueandyellow petition.  

This support platform is the next step. It includes country-level information that is essential to students displaced by war, on: 

How to evaluate your credentials 

Among the top priorities when looking for a new university is credential evaluation. The place to go is the European ENIC-NARIC Network. They have an exhaustive list of national qualification recognition entities. Also, the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees ( may be a useful tool. It is a standardized document issued in a project carried out by the Council of Europe and partners.  

The Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science has published a webpage that provides information on how Ukrainian students can continue their learning abroad.  

Where to find scholarships and financial aid 

Many organizations and universities throughout Europe provide financial aid and scholarships for students from Ukraine. Together with our partners, we build a list of such opportunities in each country. 

The UN Refugee Agency, for example, built this webpage of Scholarship Opportunities for Refugees that helps you to find accredited higher education academic or scholarship programmes verified by UNHCR.

The UWC Refugee Initiative aims to provide 100 scholarships a year to enable refugee and internally displaced students to attend one of 18 UWC colleges worldwide teaching the International Baccalaureate.

The Global Platform for Higher Education in Emergencies (former Global Platform for Syrian Students) is a non-profit multi-stakeholder organization, aimed at providing emergency scholarships to students from conflict-affected societies, be they refugees, IDPs, students at risk or in forced mobility.

Which universities provide dedicated study programmes 

Based on official information available we give our best to find study programmes at various universities, dedicated to students displaced from Ukraine.  

UNESCO is mapping responses to the influx of Ukrainian students and is providing a summary of how countries have responded to the education crisis in Ukraine. 

What other types of support are offered 

What happens in Ukraine moved the world and triggered a huge wave of reactions. We focus on youth and education, but relevant humanitarian assistance or other types of support than the ones mentioned above may be listed. 

Support initiatives by country 

Other similar support platforms 

* Please note we give our best to constantly update the information posted here, but we may not be able to track all specific changes that may occur. 

** Know of any other support initiatives? Please contact us on Facebook or Instagram and we will list them here.

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