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Say hello to Phoebe from the UK, an enthusiastic student who fell in love with Denmark and decided to pursue a Master’s degree there.

We sat down with Phoebe and asked her about the exciting journey which convinced her to pick the University of Roskilde, where she is currently studying.

With the intention of helping others decide how to study abroad, Phoebe chose to share her story on how she became an international student.

What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

My name is Phoebe Rose Aust. I am 26 years old and I’m from the United Kingdom.

Where are you studying right now: university and country, academic level

I am currently enrolled in a Master's of Spatial Designs and Society at the University of Roskilde, in Denmark.

How did you decide to study abroad?

I did an Erasmus year in Copenhagen during my undergraduate studies and fell in love with Denmark. I found this master’s programme at Roskilde University, also close to Copenhagen. It perfectly matched my interests, so I enrolled.

How did you decide what academic subject you wanted to study?

Given my personal interest in design and the way society functions, this course was a perfect fit. Plus, I had already been living in Copenhagen, and it became home very easily.

How did you look for a university abroad? Why did you decide on this one?

I looked at various courses online to find out my options, but I was mostly looking for a course in Europe in Urban Studies. My hopes were to find one option where I could stay in Copenhagen.

What are three things you like most at your university?

I get along with my classmates, as well as with the lecturers, and I like all the facilities available to students by the university.

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Describe the teaching style, classes, extra activities and facilities provided by your university.

For the Master's of Spatial Designs and Society specifically, the teaching style is very close knit, with small classes and group tasks. This means that you work closely with classmates and lecturers on projects that match your own particular interests, yet remain at a high academic level.

What do you like most about the city/country you’re studying in?

Everything. The people, the weather (even when it's cold) and the political outlook. I love that you can live in central Copenhagen and still be at university in less than half an hour.

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What are your future plans after graduating?

I plan on remaining in Copenhagen and getting a job in the public sector, in order to apply my studies.

Why would you recommend your university to other international students?

First of all, because it is friendly. Secondly, because through the courses it provides diversity and real word application, and it has a high level of support for its students.

What should future students know about the Spatial Designs and Society Master’s programme?

It is a study programme that combines social sciences like geography, sociology and anthropology with the artistic components of design studies. The qualifications of this degree will enable the graduate to be an expert in ethnographic fieldwork and work as a consultant for both companies and the local administration.

Students will learn about current design strategies, as well as future design trends in order to assist the stakeholders of local communities in implementing their organisational planning and policies.

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