Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Master's in Political Science

When applying for a Master’s degree abroad in any of the Social Sciences or Humanities, you will most likely need to write a motivation letter in order to prove your determination and awareness of the subject and thus prove you're a strong candidate for the degree you want to enrol in.

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We've included an example of a motivation letter from a student in the Netherlands applying for a Master’s of Political Science at a university in Spain.

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Motivation letter for Political Science

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my ambition to become a political advisor to the European Parliament. Therefore, I am applying for the Master’s of Political Science at the [University name] in Barcelona, starting in September 2016.

Thanks to my fast progress within the Bachelor’s curriculum and the Master I am currently enrolled in, I have decided that studying and doing research are things I would like to devote myself to even more. I have studied Communication and Information Studies as a Bachelor at the [University2 name]. It was during my Bachelor that I found out that the interaction between individuals and their environment is most interesting, intriguing and complex. More specifically, this interest developed in the direction of politics. What is the role and significance of media, journalism and information in shaping public opinion? After I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, I pursued a Master in Political Communication at the [University3 name], which I am planning on finalizing in June 2016. Although my current Master fulfils all my expectations, there is only so much one can learn in one academic year, and even more so, in one specific Master. I have noticed that in the field of politics there are many factors of influence.

Knowledge from other disciplines, as well as from other cultures, is what makes this field so intricate, but all the more interesting. As the profile of the Master’s degree in Political Science at the [University name] is highly international and multidisciplinary, I believe that your programme is a perfect addition to the knowledge I have already obtained. I consider it to be a most valuable experience to get the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and learn about their cultures and (corresponding) norms and values. Furthermore, courses like Democracy and Citizenship, Public Policy Analysis and Management and Migration Policies, Integration, and Management of Religious Diversity would give me more insight in other factors than media, journalism and public opinion alone, important to the world of politics and hence important for being advanced in political analysis. Considering the profile as well as the content of the Master’s degree in Political Science at the [University name], along with the knowledge I will take with me from my previous studies, I am confident that this Master brings me one step closer to reach my goal of becoming a political advisor to the European Parliament.

I consider myself to be a highly motivated and diligent student; during my Bachelor and my Master so far, I have not failed one exam or an assignment of any kind. I am certain to push through with the dedication I have always worked with to accomplish my goals and gain more knowledge and insight in political science. My interest in politics emerges also from my experience in working with the [party name] at [party address], a political party in [country name]. Here, I attend meetings, determine political campaigning activities, design accurate slogans and texts for campaign purposes and devote myself to offline and online political campaigning.

Studying Political Science at the [University name] is an opportunity I would like to grab with both hands and I hope that, during my stay in Barcelona and alongside or within this Master, I will find more challenges and activities I can engage myself in.

Considering my academic performance so far and my desire to enrich my own and others’ knowledge in political science, I am convinced that I will be a valuable addition to the programme. I hope to be given this chance, as I am confident that I am capable of meeting and even exceeding your expectations.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,

[Candidate name]

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