Top 5 Reasons to Study a Master's in New York City in 2021

‘To tell the story of New York’, says H.G. Wells, ‘would be to write a social history of the world’. For decades, society has regarded New York City as the cultural and economic capital of the world, with the biggest names in business, politics, art and entertainment finding a comfortable home in this bustling American city.

The city is also a rich academic and cultural environment where students can easily thrive in any subject or discipline they choose. International students can find several competitive colleges and institutions, each having different specialities and degree programs. Below we will introduce the five top reasons to consider taking your educational journey to the Big Apple.

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1. New York has several top-ranked universities

In your search for U.S. colleges and universities, you will often feel drawn to the top-ranked schools in the country. For good reason: these schools often have the brightest students and faculty, giving you a lot of advantage in the job market.

In New York City, almost all of the universities there are within the top 10 or top 20 schools (public and private) in the U.S., and have been consistently at the forefront of research, innovation, and student success.

Here are some of the top universities in New York City:

2. New York has all cultures in one place

If you are a foreign student deciding to study in New York City, you will not be alone. Not only do the universities themselves serve a large population of international students; but, New York City has a long history (in the spirit of H.G. Wells’s quote above) of attracting and bringing in immigrants from all over the world.

Having such a sizeable portion of immigrants means that the city’s social life and environment is built on a variety of cultures, backgrounds, languages, and histories all living together in one place. So, if you’re a foreign student and you’re anxious about moving to another country, you will fit in perfectly among thousands of others in New York City who can empathise with your experience.

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3. New York gives you a great chance to network

Getting your college education is one major aspect of attaining a successful career. The other is networking. Networking means constructing a series of personal connections – a network of people who can help you finally talk to the person whom you’re dying to meet: the theatre director whose attention you’re trying to get, or the business manager you’re trying to work for.

When you’re applying for jobs in a competitive industry, networking is the most effective way make yourself familiar to people who work in the industry of your choice.

4. New York makes it easy to get around

When you’re moving to another country, one thing you have to figure out in the beginning is how you’re going to get from place to place. Since most people don’t want to deal with the stress of purchasing a car (nor do we all have the money for that kind of thing), most of us want to know how easily we can get around through walking, cycling, or public transportation.

International students will find this feature to be quite handy, as they can easily navigate the city without worrying about how they will get to their classes, homes, jobs, internships, and parties. The public transportation in NYC is quite manageable and reliable (though it is not without its closures and mishaps), and foreign students won’t have to worry about getting to their destinations once they arrive.

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5. In New York, there is something for everyone

No matter what your interests are, New York City has something to offer you. You will find that as you explore every corner of the city, there is a place where people are producing an idea, designing a project, starting a business, joining a social cause, and creating a new community. Anything that you would like to involve yourself with can find a space to thrive in New York City.

Think of how many movies are set there; how many shows take place there; how many authors lived there; how many social movements started there; how many global events happen there. When you consider how much is constantly taking place in New York City, you'll realise that there is plenty of room to let your ideas and interests roam free, and to find a community of people who share your obsessions.

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