Cheap Tuition Fees and Living Costs for International Students in Austria

If you plan or still ponder if you should pursue your studies in Austria, you should know that most international students rated their study abroad experience in this country as excellent. The main reasons were: the high standard academic environment provided by Austrian universities combined with student-centred learning and the diversity of cultural offerings that is above average, compared to most European countries.

Austria is also one of the safest countries in Europe and if we add the fact that universities charge low tuition fees, then you probably agree that Austria is a great choice for studying abroad.

Read below and you will get detailed insights on the living costs in Austria.

1. Tuition fees for international students in Austria

Fees for EU students

EU students that follow a complete degree or enrol for an exchange programme in a public university in Austria don’t have to pay any tuition fee. They only have to pay a symbolic fee of 18 EUR/semester to the student union.

Fees for non-EU students

In addition to the 18 EUR/semester, non-EU students will have to pay on average 726.72 EUR per semester for tuition fees. If they decide to take courses at more than one university, they will only have to pay the tuition fee once.

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2. Student living costs in Austria

Considering the high quality of life in Austria, one can say that living costs are quite affordable. Like in any country, prices are somewhat different depending on each region or city.

In Vienna and Salzburg, you should prepare a monthly budget of between 900 and 1,300 EUR to cover all your expenses (accommodation, food bills, moderate social activities and public transportation).

In other student cities, like Linz or Graz, living costs would range between 900 and 1.000 EUR/month.

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Accommodation costs in Austria

Out of the total monthly expenses of EU students, foreign students in Austria usually pay around:

  • 35% on accommodation
  • 7% on transportation
  • 1% on tuition fees

Rates for accommodation in Austria range between 300 – 400 EUR/month.

On average, students that live alone pay about 400 EUR/month, students living in student accommodation pay around 260 EUR/month, while those who live with partner/child(ren) spend around 370 EUR/month.

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Rates for the most common housing choices among international students in Austria:

  • Student residence halls – 200 – 400 EUR/month for a single room
  • Rent/share an apartment – around 300 EUR/month for one person, for an apartment in the city centre
  • Home stay – average price is 550 EUR/month

Food costs in Austria

For Austrians, lunch is the most important meal of the day; for this reason, most restaurants offer cheap menus around noon. The cheapest are usually Chinese restaurants, but If you want to try out traditional Austrian food go for a Gasthaus or Gasthof, which serve traditional food at reasonable prices.

The average price of meals at some inexpensive local pubs or restaurants is about 7 – 10 EUR. A soup goulash is around 7 EUR and the dessert would cost around 4 EUR.

In touristic areas, however, you should expect prices of about 12 to 18 EUR for the main meal and another 6 EUR for a drink. A three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant will cost somewhere between 20 to 30 EUR per person.

Supermarkets have pretty affordable prices, meaning you would spend around 200 EUR/month on your groceries. The cheapest supermarkets are Hofer (Austria´s Aldi), Zielpunkt, Spar and Billa.

Transportation in Austria

Public transportation, whether train, bus or tram, is the most convenient and easiest way to travel within a city in Austria, mainly because they work on a fixed schedule.

Students under the age of 26 can get a Vorteilskarte (discount card), which allows them to travel for half the regular price in all of Austria.

In Graz, you can get this special card at the main train station; it will cost you around 20 EUR and is valid for a year.

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You can also buy a semester ticket that costs 200 EUR.

Exploring the city and in some cases, even getting to the university can be easily done by foot.

Extra costs

  • Utilities (average per month for standard household): 180 EUR
  • Studies and personal requirements (books, culture, recreation): around 250 EUR
  • Self-insured students have to pay an insurance fee of 55 EUR/month

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