Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Master's in Biomedical Engineering -

Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Master's in Biomedical Engineering

A good motivation letter wins half the battle when it comes to enrolling in your dream Master's degree abroad. Your credentials are important, but it’s also essential that you present yourself and your achievements as well as you can.

Make your reasons for applying to your chosen university as clear and as sincere as possible to convince university representatives that accepting you is the right choice. Here's an article about how to write the perfect motivation letter and another on tips for a great statement of purpose.

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Besides knowing how to write your motivation letter, an example of a successful letter can offer great help before getting started on your own letter. Read below the motivation letter for a Master's in Biomedical Engineering written by a prospective student.

Statement of Purpose

Shiny devices with flashy lights ruled over sci-fi fantasies during the years of my childhood. Later, these devices left me in awe as I slowly came to understand the physics behind its making and the impact electronics plays in our life. On the other hand, I always admired and respected doctors as they practiced a near divine profession. Over time, when electronics greeted medicine, the healthcare industry was accelerated to perform tremendous feats. Inventions such as bionic arms, prosthetic eye, CT, and others have had me stupefied.

It is my dream to be part of a team that would pioneer in rehabilitation engineering. Ever since I had discovered my passion in biomedical engineering, I wanted to extend my skills into helping physically challenged or differently abled people by creating assist devices for them. My final year project was also based on developing such an assist device. Of the years spent in studying the course, I believe I have a liking to rehabilitation engineering and robotics.

When I read that [university name] had a course in MSc [programme name] with a specialisation in [specialisation name], I was sure that it was the course that would aptly suit my appetite.

It was in the third year of my undergraduate study when I began documenting my works and publishing papers. The hard work finally paid off when I found three of my papers published in three conferences: one international and two national. [List papers here].

My inner calling for research and thirst for exploiting new avenues in the field let me study [discipline] for my final year project. [Explain project].

In order to augment the knowledge I have gained from books, I signed up for a week long Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) workshop [institution name]. It was a crash course that taught me all I needed to know about MRI including its simple physics, the structure and placement of an MRI and the modules of exchanging data from different images. I also attended a four-day industrial training at [institution name] where I learnt the industry structure and the process involved in designing and making of infant care equipment. I also attended hospital training at [institution name] and [institution name], both in Chennai for two weeks and one week respectively. The hospital training taught me about the hospital hierarchy and how a technical fault is being tackled by the staff.

In order to discover parallel dimensions, I spent a year learning the IT industry. My stint in [institution name] has given me exposure to corporate structure, software technology and professionalism. Being a programmer analyst helped me understand how a company is layered and functions to provide a solution to its clients.

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After absorbing what I could from the IT field, I shifted to my current position at [institution name], as a [occupation] as it helps me come closer to healthcare. Working with other service engineers I learnt about working with ventilators, infusion pumps, patient multi-parameter monitors, etc, and the internal processes involved in the procurement of a machine by the centre.

Apart from academics, I always had a passion to write. One of my proud moments was when one of my blog articles was incorporated into a full-length play by [name]. During my college years, I have played the role of an editor for our department’s technical magazine, [name], college cultural magazine, [name], and also the department’s quarterly newsletter [name]. I am glad to mention that some of my short stories were also recognised by college and international portals.

I stand strongly that your university offers the perfect blend of courses so that it could be a rigid foundation on which the zenith of my career may lie. With a burning desire to learn more and venture ahead in my favourite field, I apply for the graduate program in [programme name] that may ultimately stretch my passion of becoming a Biomedical Engineer.

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This sample letter can also serve as inspiration if your are considering a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering.

Also, remember that the motivation letter highlights your English skills, which are often a defining admission criteria at international universities. Learn more about English language tests.

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