Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Through education, research and development, Haaga-Helia prepares professionals for business and services. We offer our students a versatile choice of studies, great opportunities for specialisation, high-quality education in Finnish and English, and wide business networks even during the studies.



  • The Haaga campus degree programmes in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management both as full-time and multiform studies.
  • The Malmi campus degrees programme in Business and night and multiform studies in Business and Information Technology.
  • The Pasila campus degree programmes in Multilingual Management Assistants studies, Journalism, Business, Sales and Information Technology. In English-language Master’s degrees, the campus offers a degree programme in Tourism.
  • The Porvoo campus offers degree programmes in Business and Tourism in Finnish, English and partially in Swedish!
  • The Vierumäki campus offers Bachelor’s degree programmes in Sports and Leisure Management in Finnish and English.


Haaga-Helia is a valued partner in research, development and innovation (RDI) activities among domestic and international collaborators. Haaga-Helia’s RDI activities focus on developing solutions for digital business, services and sales as well as for entrepreneurship and for learning.

We implement research, development and innovation projects mainly in co-operation with companies, municipalities and other universities. We often connect projects to our teaching and students’ learning process. We aim at creating novel solutions for new and existing businesses, hence, contributing to the economic growth and renewal of industries and the society.


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences trains professionals for business and services through education, research and development. Our fields of education are business, hotel, restaurant and tourism management, information technology, journalism, management assistant training, sports management and vocational teacher education.

We offer our staff a high-quality international working environment, the possibility to participate in the dynamic development of Haaga-Helia and wide variety of staff benefits. We invest in the well-being of our staff and developing their expertise.

Master's Programmes


Student services

The Service Center at Pasila Campus serves all Haaga-Helia students. From the Service Center students get basic documents, e.g. letters of enrolment, transcripts of records, purchase certificates needed for discounts on trains and buses.

The services include the following: letters of enrolment, official transcripts of records, purchase certificates needed for discounts on trains and buses, KELA meal discount cards, WinhaWille passwords. To avoid queuing, fill in the forms in advance, please. You can also order letters of enrolments, official transcripts of records through e-WinhaWille.

Each campus has its own Student Affairs Office, whose services are intended for students, staff and the partners of Haaga-Helia.

Housing services

Exchange students who have been selected to study in Helsinki (Haaga, Malmi or Pasila campus) can apply for accommodation from HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region). Due to large number of applicants, housing is not guaranteed to all applicants, but most applicants normally receive housing through HOAS.

The HOAS apartments are located in the city of Helsinki, in different suburban areas. HOAS will try to place students according to their wishes regarding the flat type, location, and the proximity of their home campus, but please note that this is not always possible.

Library services

The Library of Haaga-Helia is a modern and versatile library serving the university of applied sciences. Our services are specifically designed for our students and staff, but the library is open for anyone looking for information.

Our services include

  • loans services
  • information service
  • information retrieval skills training
  • interlibrary services
  • work spaces and equipment

Medical services

  • Non EU/EEA citizens arriving in Finland for the purpose of studying are required to have health insurance if the period of study lasts for more than three months.
  • EU/EEA citizens should obtain the European Health insurance card from their country of residence prior to departure.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Haaga
  • Malmi
  • Pasila
  • Porvoo
  • Vierumäki

Student clubs

Each Haaga-Helia campus has a local student association’s office from which the student activities are conducted. HELGA services (student card, coveralls etc.) are also available at said offices. These offices also function as a place to relax and as a recreational area for all the students. Without further ado – walk in the door and join the fun!