ESA - École Supérieure d'Agricultures Angers Loire

ESA in Angers is a “grande école d’ingénieurs” (undergraduate and graduate engineering school). Every year, it welcomes more than 250 international students. Special arrangements exist for welcoming and facilitating the integration of the international students.

Master's Programmes



The history of ESA  goes back over more than a century. ESA, Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures, saw the light of day in 1898 with the encouragement of professionals from the rural world in the West of France. Professionals who wanted to develop the agricultural sector by creating a school specialised in training engineers in agriculture.


The valorisation of experience, close ties with the professional world, intensive support, the will to develop a sense of entrepreneurship, tools in the service of education and training, etc. These are the main characteristics of the teaching methods applied and practiced at ESA.


ESA gives priority to multidisciplinary research at the service of its departments, study programmes and international presence. 5 research units, 90 researchers, of whom 41 are lecturer-researchers, working on research in the service of the design of sustainable agricultural and food systems.

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Student services

The Student Activities Offices are key players in life at ESA, playing an important role in the integration of students. They facilitate the exchanges, and promote friendship and mutual support between the various years. Bridging the different clubs and student societies of the school, they bring students together through entertainment and other events at ESA.

Whatever your programme of studies at ESA, you will always have someone to answer your questions and respond to your expectations. 

Housing services

ESA students live off-campus. Angers is a town that hosts 38,000 students every year. You will easily find somewhere to live in our area:

  • in ESA’s Oxford hall of residence,
  • In university student halls of residence (watch out for application deadlines) or in private student residences,
  • in hostels for students or young workers,
  • via private owners: consult Internet websites or useful addresses,
  • in flats managed by low-rental housing services (HLM).
Oxford hall of residence has 80 furnished bed-sits, located close to the campus.
  • They have a kitchenette (fridge, electric hob, cupboards).
  • They are furnished (bed, desk, various storage areas).
  • Each has a shower room (toilet, wash hand basin, shower tray).

Library services

  • 22,000 works in our computerised catalogue
  • An historic collection of approximately 10,000 works
  • 220 periodicals, of which some thirty foreign language, as well 170 stopped and archived collections.
  • Multimedia documents (DVDs, CDs)
  • A media library of more than 700 m²

Student Life

Sports facilities

The ESA Sports Association offers many different types of sports for everybody: soccer, volley ball, basketball, badminton. Other sports may also be played depending on the demand from students. Training takes place during the week in a spirit of camaraderie and with a view to having a good time!

Student clubs

Culture and Media

  • Apocalypse Cow (or APO) 
  • The Bureau des Arts (BDA)

Music and dance

  • The rock club 


  • The ESA Sports Club
  • ESAquatiques
  • Riding Club

Entertainment – Events

  • Capital Trips
  • Ski Trip 
  • Melting potes
  • Petites journées (short days)

Student Reviews

International food love
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Overall the experience was great, we were exposed to different cultures and backgrounds which helped us expand our spectrum of knowledge, moreover, the topics and modules were very interesting from understanding the French terroire to conducting scientific food experiments and inventing new products.

my experience with Algerian university
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

i think my experience went quiet good in that university because we have some good teachers their and i managed to have friends but the program is a bit long and boring also we don't get the time to apply what we learn so we always learn by books and not by experiences and they should make it a bit fun and enjoyable

Angers, Pays de la Loire, France


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