Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Above all, it is the individual student who is the central focus of attention. It is our aim to equip our students with the academic knowledge and domain-specific skills requisite for their future careers as well as to build their social competence.



The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences with its 2,400 well selected students is a center of innovation and expertise in the knowledge domains of its degree programmes. Since its foundation in 1995 it acted as a hub for the know-how transfer between research and the industry.


In the four disciplines of engineering, business and social sciences, design, media & arts and health studies, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers students a sound university education with international quality standards, supported by the principles of science, professional skills, diversity and sustainability.


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences focuses its research on a number of different areas. This enables the university to concentrate on its strengths and compete effectively at a national and international level. Like its degree programmes, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences’ diverse research is clustered in four disciplines: 

  • Engineering
  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Design, Media and Arts
  • Health Studies


Students and graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg have the exclusive opportunity of selecting from different job and internship positions on the job market.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)


Student services

We are specialists on advisory services and know their value so would therefore like to offer our applicants the possibility to get information on all matters relating to the course before beginning their studies.We would be happy to help in any decision making with prospective students (school leavers) and offer the following range of events:

  • School presentations
  • Newsletter
  • Open House
  • Education fairs
  • 'FH Guide'
  • Individual programmes

Housing services

You can either stay in a student dormitory directly on campus (on campus accommodation) or find a room in the city of Salzburg (off-campus accommodation).

Library services

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) library is

  • a central service point for the collection, provision and use of academic literature,
  • it is a professional learning centre and,
  • in its capacity as a SUAS infrastructure facility, also provides a wide range of media and service offers.

ICT services

Information Services

  • provision of information and communication services to support teaching
  • maintenance of the computer labs and seminar rooms required for teaching
  • ensuring all IT-supported business processes throughout the university
  • rental of technical equipment (AV equipment and necessary accessories) for the teaching of students and staff

Student Life

Sports facilities

There is a beach volleyball court directly on campus. Just 15 minutes walking distance from campus, the Rif Sports Center facilities can be used by all students of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, including incoming students. Some of the facilities like the track-and-field area can be used free of charge. For others you will have to pay a small fee.


The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences recently underwent in 2010-11 the legally prescribed institutional evaluation, with the aim to promote quality assurance and development as well as to implement the educational mission.The range of courses offered by the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has been positively accredited by FIBAA since November 2011.