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Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, United States
Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia seeks to educate and form public leaders who are committed to developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith for engagement in the world.

Master's Programmes



  • Education is the primary mission of the seminary, approved and authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other accrediting agencies 
  • We “educate” in the sense of providing necessary credentialing or certification through various academic and professional degree programs 
  • Education today involves creation of “learning communities” where teaching and learning occurs in a dynamic way 
  • LTSP educates “leaders” both for ministerial and non-ministerial leadership of the church and the world Theological education invariably involves engagement with other secular disciplines and hence it is multi-disciplinary 

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Housing services

LTSP offers a variety of housing opportunities for non-commuter students. Students wishing to live on campus can find accommodations in the Wiedemann Center and the historic 7300 Boyer Street building on the periphery of campus. These accommodations include 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. Married students and single parents have priority in the assignment of apartments; single students and those who are “resident commuters” (living alone on campus during the week and returning to a permanent residence on the weekend) usually live in the studios.

Library services

A major component in the seminary’s educational program is the 200,000 volume Krauth Memorial Library. It boasts one of the finest scholarly collections of any Lutheran institution in America and it houses archives of five of the seminary’s supporting synods.

Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, United States