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Future Generations University

Franklin, West Virginia, United States
Place of learning is community at Future Generations University—not a classroom in a building as at most universities (though we do meet in actual places), neither simulated online learning (though we use computers a lot). Community-based learning is how we shall advance your learning to your work which will improve lives and also the environment.

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The original charitable organization, Future Generations, was incorporated in 1992 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2003, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission gave approval for Future Generations to offer a Masters in Applied Community Change and Conservation. The first Masters class began in 2003. 


The initial Future Generations organization was established in 1992 building from a research charge from UNICEF to understand how to scale up community-based social change. The global family of Future Generations organizations that has subsequently grown seeks a global shift in practice that promotes partnerships between communities, governments, and organizations to achieve community change and conservation. 

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Franklin, West Virginia, United States

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