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Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University seeks to delight God’s heart by providing followers of Jesus Christ a biblically-grounded and interculturally-focused higher education experience in which they are transformed by the Cross, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and prepared to lead by serving and to extend God’s Kingdom to where it is not.



Bethany Fellowship was founded by five families in 1945. They were all members of Bethany Chapel.These families each entered into a deeper, more passionate relationship with Jesus. The possibilities of the sanctified Christian life and the unfinished task of world missions greatly inspired them, but most of their time, energy and money were needed to support their families and maintain their homes

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Housing services

Bethany Global University offers traditional dorm-style housing for its students and a variety of meal plan options. The dorms on campus are separated by gender and each one has an accessible kitchen or kitchenette and lounge. The meal plans are designed to meet a variety of dietary and life situations.

Library services

The Bethany Global University library provides the opportunity for scholarly research and spiritual growth by making curriculum-related and practical resources available to the faculty, staff, and student body. The library serves as an extension of the classroom, a place for students to study, complete assignments, and advance their education.


Bethany Global University is nationally accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Bloomington, Minnesota, United States

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