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Collegio Carlo Alberto

The Collegio Carlo Alberto is a foundation which mission is to foster research and education in the social sciences, in accordance with the values and practices of the international academic community. English is the official operating language of the Collegio.

Master's Programmes

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The Collegio Carlo Alberto is a foundation created in 2004 at the joint initiative of the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University of Torino.


It is well known that advanced education has sizable positive feedback on research. For this reason, the Collegio is exerting ever increasing effort in its educational activities, most of which are carried out in collaboration with one of our founders, the University of Torino.

The Collegio is currently involved in both undergraduate and graduate education.

Finally, the Collegio is also involved in doctoral education. It hosts and sponsors two doctoral programs of the University of Torino, the Vilfredo Pareto Doctoral Program in Economics, which shares its first-year coursework with the Master in Economics, and the International Programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL).


Our research objective is to contribute to policy design for the economy and for other areas of public policy with research at a level comparable to the world’s top departments and research centers.

The main areas of research focus are Economics, Finance and Public Policy, with most research projects spanning these areas in an interdisciplinary fashion. Indeed, about 70% of the Collegio's scientific production is explicitly meant to contribute to the policy debate (in Italy and in broader arenas). An even higher percentage of output employs investigation tools which are part of the standard language of economics and finance.


Our educational objective is to prepare undergraduate and Master’s students who can either enter the professional world with recognized and prized skills and adapt quickly to an ever-changing economic environment, or pursue a career in research in the world’s best PhD programs.


Student services

  • The Collegio Carlo Alberto has staff to support all admitted students in dealing with main practical issues (visas, documents, accommodation, use of facilities)
  • All students have a personal work-space at the Collegio, as well as free access to state of the art computing resources and coursework materials