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Kun Shan University was officially founded on April 29, 1965, known as Kun Shan Institute of Technology. It is located on Kun Da Road, Yung Kang District in Tainan City on a beautiful and spacious campus including a quaint shimmering pond, a combination of ancient Chinese and modern structures and is home to a nine cornered bridge, pavilions, flowers and trees.

Master's Programmes

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Founder Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee, was from Gansu province, China, born in 1926 Linze county. His father, Mr.Guo-Han started from scratch,to reclaim agriculture,tend,orchard;he is a honest,good samartan,lots of citizens respect him. Mr.Guo-Han valued the child education specially and Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee has been uplifting influence by his father.


Our school holding the basic spirit of "honesty and modesty" to models the student have honesty and modesty personality, special characteristic and to train the students to have resolute attitude in studying and learning. Facing the fast-changing world, the University draws up the foresighted development goal so as to educate “Kun-Shan people” as the leader of the 21st century.

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There are the following:

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  • Student Life Guidance

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Campus life

There is a very big campus with a huge map to help you get where you want.

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