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Study Master's Degrees in Tainan, Taiwan, Taiwan

Universities in Tainan

National Cheng Kung University is named after “Cheng Kung Cheng”, the national hero of the Ming Dynasty, who is known as Koxinga in Taiwan. “Cheng Kung” also means success (成功) in Chinese. NCKU offers a borderless learning environment for students in its campuses, which are characterized by classical Western and modern eastern scenery.

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“Willing to educate qualified students” and “benefiting society and adding to the development of our nation” are lyrics that appear in STUST’s school song, and they were the purposes of establishing this university. We are now undoubtedly the leader in terms of private universities of technology in Taiwan

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It is located on Kun Da Road, Yung Kang District in Tainan City on a beautiful and spacious campus including a quaint shimmering pond, a combination of ancient Chinese and modern structures and is home to a nine cornered bridge, pavilions, flowers and trees.

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