LAL Language Centres

LAL Language Centres was set up in Torbay in 1980, and offers language courses with leisure programmes for adults and young learners around the world. The LAL group of schools is owned by a large German tour operator, FTI. They have schools for adults in Boston, London, Torbay, Florida, Cape Town, Malta and Gozo. They also run residential summer schools in the UK, USA and Malta.

Master's Programmes


Since 1980 the language school have been providing excellent language courses with exciting leisure opportunities around the world. The team is drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds from all over the world and offers exceptional breadth of experience.

LAL was set up in Torbay in 1980 to bring German tourists over to the English Riviera to learn English. Students were taught in varous locations around the towns, including their host homes.

English lessons are at the heart of this business, and have over 30 years' experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Their teachers are skilled at tailoring the lessons to make them engaging and dynamic while meeting the needs of each student.

They mission is to provide the perfect environment for the students to learn and practise languages while enjoying the characteristics and culture of each country

They are proud of the quality of their teaching, and seek the approval of the accrediting bodies in each country where they operate.

London, England, United Kingdom