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3.9 out of 5 (149 ratings / 129 reviews) Palermo, Italy
The University of Palermo (UNIPA) is an Italian consolidated cultural, scientific and teaching presence located in central-western Sicily region. It is organized in 20 Departments and covers the most important domains of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge. More than 120 courses (first and second cycle) are yearly offered, as well as more than twenty PhD courses.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)



The University of Palermo, established in 1806 by Ferdinand III of Bourbon, is to date one of the largest universities in Italy and indeed the largest in Sicily. Palermo, the capital of Sicily, well known for its sea, its precious monumental art treasures and the mild climate, favors an intense cultural and artistic life. Palermo is a natural bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean countries.


The Master of Science in Electronics Engineering at UNIPA is characterized by a broad-spectrum approach, providing full training in Electronics to students, supplemented by further studies in the fields of electrical and electronic measurements, telecommunications, and automation.

The educational programme covers the variety of employment opportunities. Particular emphasis is placed on Applied Electronics, Optoelectronics, Telecommunications, Automation Measures, and finally on the study of circuits and systems exploiting the propagation of electro-magnetic waves in frequency ranges from radiofrequency to microwaves and optics.

After this common path, the course is divided into different curricula.


The University of Palermo has 20 Departments, where research activities are carried out in several fields:  Science and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences. The University is committed to give its contribution to the international scientific community and to the world of production in terms of innovation and progress.

Scientific research, both basic and applied, is carried out in the University laboratories also open to the local community. Successful technological transfer is accomplished through the full synergy of innovative technologies, scientific expertise, production systems and processes. Efforts are also devoted to implement a full-fledged system.


Thanks to the acquired skills, especially through laboratory activities, graduates in Electronics Engineering at UNIPA can easily find a job, working in diverse sectors, such as micro/nano electronics, electronic design (including RF design), electronics for industry, energy and vehicles, ICT systems, domotics, robotics and bioelectronics.

Graduates in Electronics Engineering at UNIPA provide an answer to the need for transversal skills, nowadays more and more required in the fields of smart cities, Internet of Things, big data, secure and ultra-broadband telecommunications networks, last generation electrical networks, smart and electrical vehicles, domotics, mechatronics, robotics etc.

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Student services

The help desk for foreign students supports them during their enrolment and registration at UNIPA. The Help Desk for Foreign Students provides information about:

  • immigration norms
  •  students enrolment and registration norms, access reserved only for foreign citizens
  • courses of Italian language organized by the Italian School for Foreign People
  • UNIPA facilities for students (libraries, Wi-Fi network access, accommodation, canteens, counselling and career center, university sport center, university medical clinic)

Moreover at help desk, foreign students will find assistance in fulfillment of all procedures regarding the residence permit.

Housing services

  • Students can apply for dormitory accommodation through ERSU
  • A front office is available to help students search for rooms or apartments. 
  • English speaking professionals will provide assistance to students, graduate students and foreign researchers.

Library services

UNIPA has about 20 libraries, with more than 3,000 reading places.

Students of the Master of Science in Electronics Engineering at UNIPA can benefit from several Libraries of the Department of Engineering, for the consultation of bibliographic material useful for their educational path and for loan services. 

Several electronic journals and databases are available from the University Library portal.

ICT services

Wireless connectivity service is available to all the students with an active career, allowing them to use the services and digital resources offered by the University directly from their portable and handheld devices. Moreover, the University of Palermo is part of the international Eduroam circuit and allows all internal and external users, who are part of the circuit, to access the Wi-Fi network

Medical services

The University Medical Clinic (AMU) offers a free service of multidisciplinary outpatient medical assistance to students, PhD students, postgraduate students, fellows and University scholars, as well as all foreign students attending the University according to specific agreements and programs.

AMU is located in the heart of the University Campus, in a fully equipped room in the ground floor.

Student Life

Campus life

All the buildings of the Department of Engineering are within the University Campus, located very close to the city historical center. 

Campus buildings are connected by a free shuttle. A metro station and bus stops are in the nearby. Car and bike sharing services are easily accessible. 

The campus has an ATM, several cafeterias, a canteen inside and more outside the campus (within walking distance, printing facilities. 

Several supermarkets, small shops and restaurants are spread in the neighborhood area.

Sports facilities

All students enrolled at the University of Palermo can participate in sports activities scheduled by the University Sports Committee, organized by the CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo), offering excellent facilities and equipment.


CUS Palermo was established in 1947 on the initiative of students of the faculties of engineering and law and it is currently active in the following sports: athletics, soccer, rowing, swimming, basketball, handball, water polo, volleyball, tennis.


Inside the sports citadel there are: a pool of eight 33-meter lanes, a sports hall with about 1,000 seats, tennis courts, five-a-side football pitches, a gym, a grass soccer field surrounded by eight-lane athletics track.

Student clubs

There are about 20 student associations at the University of Palermo, 5 of them for students attending engineering courses. All the students enrolled at the University of Palermo can participate in the activities promoted by these associations, which mainly consist in seminars and workshops, study groups, orientation, and also fun activities, such as soccer, chess or e-sports competitions.


UNIPA follows the periodic accreditation procedures of Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR).

Student Reviews

Intensive study without international approach
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

The University of Palermo is a good university, although it doesn't provide the internationa approach I would have like to have. The quality of teaching is high, the professors expect intensive study to let you pass the exam, on the countrary the administration is to improve in order to help students with the administrative work as well as provide information regarding...

University of Palermo, the maximum expression of the Italian higher school education "quality".
Anonymous rated 2 out of 5 stars

I remember that my experience at the University of Palermo was awful. The staff and most of the professors were arrogant, and the student services were not acceptable compared to the fees that each student punctually had to pay every academic year; otherwise, they would not be accepted in taking the exams. I had to fill a "leave of absence" form because I fell in...

"the Metamorphosis"
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

It was characterised by ups and downs. But although it could have gone better, I have learned and I have been learning since last 2 years. Now I'm a different man