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Fielding Graduate University is an accredited nonprofit leader in blended graduate education, combining face-to-face and online learning. Our curriculum offers quality degrees and courses for professionals living and working anywhere in the world.



Fielding Graduate University was founded by three friends: Frederic Hudson, Hallock Hoffman, and Renata Tesch–all distinguished higher–education administrators and educators.

The founders envisioned a nationally recognized graduate school based on two notions:

1. Changing demographics were altering the world of higher education.

2. Adults learn differently than adolescents and young adults.


The founders speculated that students seeking advanced degrees would be mid-career adults who wanted to enhance already well-established academic and professional skills; who would be committed to effecting a mid-life career change; and who would be interested in being part of a lifelong-learning community.

The traditional pedagogical method of education–active teacher, passive learner–would not be appropriate to this new experiment. To accommodate and capitalize on the learning styles of its students, Fielding developed a rigorous, supportive learning model that today remains flexible, adult-centered, self-directed, practice-oriented, global, and competence-based.


For generations, Fielding has been graduating scholar-practitioners who know that research is not an end in itself, but that it serves a broader purpose.

Tested, applied, and used for broader application, Fielding research tackles the tough societal problems all around us. We ask big, broad and complex questions—because it is bold scholarship that makes a positive social difference.


Our faculty excel in helping students to align their research with their professional experience and their career goals. We believe that you bring valuable wisdom and experience to your learning process, and our faculty utilize their theoretical knowledge and strong scholar-practitioner backgrounds to help you identify that unique intersection between your professional expertise and academic interests.

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Student services

As a student at Fielding, you may need advice in order to continue progressing smoothly through your program. Your administrative resource for answering questions about your academic progress in your program is the advising office.

Library services

Teaching students to become skilled in finding and reviewing scholarly information is central to our library’s mission. We provide access to an outstanding collection with breadth and depth unusual at a university of our size.

ICT services

Most student resources are offered online so that you can access the information you need whenever you might need it.  The information technology team provides support for you, if needed, while you are using those resources.


Institutional Accreditation

Fielding Graduate University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

APA Accreditation

Fielding’s School of Psychology offers the only accredited clinical psychology doctoral program using a distributed delivery model. The program is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Continuing Education Approvals

Fielding Graduate University is approved to offer continuing education.

State Registrations or Approvals

Fielding Graduate University is registered as a private institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. 

Santa Barbara, California, United States