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Environmental Management in Sweden

Environmental Management
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Study in Sweden

Sweden is a very ambitious, eco-friendly, and visionary country. For example, by 2040, it aims to produce all its energy from renewable sources. Universities play an important role in achieving development goals, thanks to their world-class research facilities. If you’re from the EU/EEA, you can study at public universities for free. As a student, you will discover and easily adopt the three main values of Swedish society: freedom, equality, and sustainability. These values are reflected in every aspect of the local society, and you’ll quickly learn to appreciate them. Language barriers are also almost non-existent since around 80% of Swedes speak English.

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Explore your Environmental Management degree

A university degree in Environmental Management teaches you how to safeguard nature while meeting human needs. You'll learn ecological principles, monitoring techniques, legal frameworks, and sustainable practices. Specialisations include Conservation and Biodiversity, Environmental Impact Assessment, Waste Management, Water Resource Management, and Climate Change and Sustainability. Courses cover Sustainable Development, Ecosystem Science, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change. Careers range from Environmental Consultant and Conservation Officer to Sustainability Manager and Environmental Educator, offering diverse opportunities for positive environmental impact.

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