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Biodiversity and conservation degrees explore natural landscapes, species and ecosystems and acquires theories and practical methods in preserving environments and organisms. Biodiversity refers not only to endangered species but also to every organism, including microbes and fungi. Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation increase awareness and understanding of how human life depends on preserving animal species and natural ecosystems. Biodiversity and conservation is connected to similar disciplines like environmental science, natural resources management and animal sciences.

Topics covered by biodiversity and conservation programmes are: conservation landscapes, biodiversity informatics, evolution and biodiversity, parasitology, fresh water ecology, or habitat management.

Biodiversity and conservation degrees will equip students with abilities in analysing scientific information and sustaining solid arguments regarding environmental issues. Apart from theoretical knowledge on how to identify plants and animals, students will have the opportunity to take part in practical training sessions, both in teaching labs, as well as in different locations where they can make scientific observations on living species and habitats.

Career paths for graduates in biodiversity and conservation include jobs like: ecologists, research assistants/analysts, science officers, or conservation assistants. Specific areas where professionals can practice include waste management, sustainable development, pollution prevention and control, contaminated land management, marine biology, and more.

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Suggested Masters in Biodiversity & Conservation

M.Sc. Water and Environment

The Master's in Water and Environment tackles problems in Environmental Science such as climate change, flooding, eutrophication, chemical pollution, habitat fragmentation and bio-invasions. With a flexible programme and unique facilities, you'll obtain the laboratory, field and assessment tools you need to protect ecosystems and human health in the context of multiple environmental pressures. 

M.Sc. Science, Conservation and Valorization of Marine Resources

Engage in an interdisciplinary approach to appraise marine biological resources and their scientific, economic and social values. This Science, Conservation and Valorization of Marine Resources MSc at the Université Côte d'Azur has the idea: develop our knowledge of the ocean to better value and protect its resources.

M.Sc. Forest and Nature Conservation

The Forest and Nature Conservation programme at Wageningen University and Research focuses on policy, sustainable management and conservation of forest and nature i.e. understanding and predicting the effect of phenomena such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, ecotourism, timber production and animal reintroduction.