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Climate studies and meteorology is an interdisciplinary study that focuses on the activity and changes of the atmosphere as well as weather patterns, on the other side. The sub-disciplines of these sciences lead to specializations in observation of the elements that comprise weather and the meteorological phenomena. Together with atmospheric physics and chemistry, climate studies and meteorology are part of the atmospheric sciences.

Bachelor’s degrees in climate studies and meteorology focus on academic study and practice, thanks to analysis and research of the atmosphere. Large-scale climate and weather effects such as El Nino or global warming are also studied. Students who pursue a Master’s degree in climate studies and meteorology are able to study temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and rain, the changes in latitude, altitude or the interaction between Earth’s atmosphere and the oceans.

Climate studies and meteorology can be applied in military, energy production, agriculture, transport or constructions, among other fields, resulting in vast employment opportunities. Graduates can become weather forecasters in the public or private sector, forensic or broadcast meteorologists or even teachers.

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Suggested Masters in Climate Studies & Meteorology

M.Sc. Meteorology

The Master's programme in Meteorology and Oceanography with specialization in Meteorology at the University of Bergen provides a broad foundation and a good understanding within actual topics in meteorology and atmospheric physics.

M.Sc. Atmospheric Environment

The Atmospheric Environment programme taught at University of Lille is providing a 1-year program in physics and chemistry of the atmosphere at the highest level.

M.Sc. Climate Justice

The only programme of its kind in the world, Glasgow Caledonian University's MSc Climate Justice explores one of the most pressing issues of our times: climate justice, where climate change, human rights and policy development intersect.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Meteorology and Oceanography

The aim of this Master in Meteorology and Oceanography at University of Bergen is to provide insight into Earth's physical environment with specialisation in one or more of the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice components.