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The Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) is a postgraduate qualification that is particularily popular in anglo-saxon countries and offering a degree between Bachelor's and Master level. A postgraduate diploma can be normally started after the completion of a bachelor's degree and is typically to be completed in half the time of a comparable Master's programme.

Most graduate diplomas can be extended towards achieveing a full Master's degree such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts at a later time. Graduate Diplomas are gaining popularity as they are more affordable than a Master's degree and saving time.

Studying in Greece

Greek people are some of the most hospitable in the world; so even if you might encounter a cultural shock, the friendly environment will soon make you feel right at home. Greek universities have a long history in academics and more and more international students have been enrolling in the past few years. University classes are not typically formal, so you can expect open debates between students and professors. Courses usually combine theoretical knowledge with research work, laboratories and internships.

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