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Studying Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering (M. Eng. or ME) is a postgraduate Master's degrees that is achieved for a studies in one of the engineering sciences. The study duration of a Master of Engineering programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered. According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved. A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly.

The Master of Engineering is academically equal to the Master of Science and Master of Arts. It is however common practise to award the Master of Engineering for rather practical oriented programmes at universities of applied sciences, whereas engineering programmes at universities are awarded with the Master of Science (M. Sc.).

Due to the numerous possibilities for specialisations in the area of Engineering there are further degree types such as the Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc. in Eng.), the Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBAE) or the Master of Business Engineering (MBE).

Studying in Finland

Finland is situated in northern Europe and neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. For an international student Finland is both an exotic and a safe target country. Finnish society is credible: a networked and transparent open civic society, where education is always a top first priority.

13 Master of Engineering Master's degrees in Finland

M.Eng. Risk Management and Circular Economy

The Risk Management and Circular Economy programme is offered by the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In response to demands of the future we are developing this Master in order to train leading professionals in the fields of environment, forestry and process engineering.

English Masters
M.Eng. Maritime Management

Maritime Management is a Master’s degree programme offered by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences for sea captains and marine engineering professionals who want to deepen their managerial expertise in safe international marine shipping.

M.Eng. Real Estate Energy

This ambitious energy and climate target means that we now face a monumental task of finding new and sustainable solutions for future development and refurbishment of buildings. The Real Estate Energy programme is offered at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

Energy and Materials Technology
M.Eng. Health Business Management

Master's Programme in Health Business Management from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is a joint programme customized for social and health care professionals as well as for business and engineering professionals who want to expand their expertise through improved management skills in this very key sector.

Technology and Transport
M.Eng. Autonomous Maritime Operations

This Master's degree programme is for you who are interested to be a part of the fourth industrial revolution in maritime technology.The Master's degree programme in Autonomous Maritime Operation comprises 60 ECTS and the degree title is Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations.

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Turku
M.Eng. Automation Technology

The Automation Technology Master’s degree programme at Novia University of Applied Sciences  is designed for the professional engineer who wants to deepen his or her knowledge and understanding of the methods and possibilities of modern automation and control systems. 

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Vaasa
M.Eng. Business Informatics

Business Informatics is a Master's degree programme from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences of 60 ECTS for engineers in profession who want to deepen their strategic and managerial expertise through improved information management and better use of business intelligence systems. You will become a competent analyzer and user of business intelligence in decision-making, in business operations as well as in business development.

Technology and Transport
M.Eng. Cyber Security

The objective of the education is to respond to the growing challenges of cyber security. After completing the studies you will have gained a general overview of cyber security and will know all about the essential technologies related to cyber security. The Cyber Security course is offered by JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

M.Eng. Information Technology

The aim of the Information Technology programme from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is to educate you to work in advanced specialist tasks in the field of ICT, focusing on using modern tools and methods. The studies enable you to follow the professional development of the field, both from the applied research and practical viewpoints.

Technology and Transport
M.Eng. Construction and Real Estate Management

HTW Berlin and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences jointly run the international master programme ConREM - Construction and Real Estate Management. It is designed for professionals who wish to manage international projects for building construction and real estate in the future. Therefore it is mainly addressed to professionals in the field of architecture and civil engineering.

Technology and Transport